How to write Distributor Announcement Letter?

How to write Distributor Announcement Letter?

A distributor is an agent who supplies goods to retailers. He/ She is an intermediary between the producer and retailer of a particular product. He is a middleman whose job description matches that of a wholesaler. After having procured the product from the producer, he has to communicate with retailers to find out those who would be interested in eventually selling the product in the market, i.e., the retailers. For example, a company in the business of manufacturing computers may unexpectedly make an announcement about a new computer model. Since the distributor has to convince and persuade the retailer into purchasing the product, his communication skills should be near to perfect.

The distributor should be persuasive in his letter to convince the retailer into buying the product and sell it further in the market. The retailer should be made to realize that dealing with the distributor would not only be profitable for him but would also ensure a steady supply of good quality products. A detailed history of the distributor’s successful transactions should be cited as proof of him being a trustworthy business partner.

Distributor Announcement Letter Writing Tips –

Since it’s a business letter, it should be as formal as possible.t should not be as formal as possible. To get that letter that conveys the message; you need to write in a particular way that includes the following.

  • Tone – You need to have a polite tone but still keep it official since you are initiating a business deal.
  • Information – You are required to provide the full details of the Company and the product that it is selling.
  • Content– All relevant details about the company and the business deal that you are offering to make should be mentioned.
  • Short and precise – The letter should be brief but informative enough so the one who is receiving the letter so that you understand it.


Sample example of a Distributor Announcement Letter:

From :

Name of Company

Address and other information…

Date: DD/MM/YY


(Name, Designation)

Subject: Distributor Announcement Letter

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I, (name of person) am the spokesperson of (name of company) and on behalf of the company I am very pleased to inform you that we have been granted the authority to officially distribute (name of the product) in (name of the place). (Describe in your Words). After getting a good response from selling our product in (name of cities), we would like to expand our business to the city of (Product or service name).

You are one of our premiere retailers, and we hope to sign a favorable deal with you. As you are aware, (name of company) is one of the best in its field and doing business with us will be nothing less than fruitful. We promise you not only top quality but also timely delivery of our products. (Explain all about the situation in a professional way).

We would like to send over a batch of (product) as a trial. We can sign a deal only if you approve of and are happy with our shipment. (Describe your requirements).

Looking forward to positive feedback and a long partnership deal shortly.

Thank you,

Your Name…

Job Designation…

Contact No. and Signature…


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