How Retail Zipline’s Series a Pitch Deck Ticked Every Box for Emergence Capital

How Retail Zipline’s Series a Pitch Deck Ticked Every Box for Emergence Capital

Melissa Wang spent more than a decade working for major retail brands before establishing the retail zipline. This kind of annoying advantage – the full realization of the industry – is something that investors fight to resist the vertical SAS Company, at the very least, according to Generation Capital investor Lotti Synico. Wang and Sinisalico joined us in a recent episode of Extra Crunch Live and went into detail about why Raising is interested in financing a series of retail ziplines in one round, sharing our zipline series with a pitch deck and which slides and bits the deal.

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Zipline was also attending a major industry conference during Wang’s fundraising process. Ongam suggested opening during the trade show that they would hold a virtual pitch meeting, but Wang personally pushed back for a pitch meeting. Not only did he know he would personally deliver better pitches, but he didn’t want to lose the limited amount he had at trade shows with potential clients and partners. Once in-person, Wang surprised the emergency team.

For one, he stood on the pitch. Wang explained that her co-founder is a big man and she is a small woman and she is more confident and comfortable to present from a permanent position. “He was the few or perhaps the only CEO who ever stood up to pitch the whole team,” Sinisco said.

“He pointed to the screen that was projected behind him to help us stay on top of the most relevant information. The way he did it really allowed us to be with him. Like, we couldn’t break eye contact.”