A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

It is necessary for man to distinguish between the friends who are true and who are not. Man needs friends to exchange his views and thoughts, hopes, and desires sorrows and joys. So he mixes with others. But the persons with whom he develops intimacy and shares the feelings are not always real friends. When he has wealth and power, many people gather round him to praise and flatter. They are quite anxious for pleasing him. They do all these things with a motive of satisfying their self-interest. Man also thinks them to be real friends and help them. But whenever these days of prosperity are gone and he is in trouble, they desert him altogether. These fair weather friends leave him alone. They no more stand by him in his evil days. They cannot be true friends, because true friend is he who is with him through thick and thin and becomes helpful in need. The test of real friends comes only in misfortune. A friend in need is someone who improves and builds self-confidence in his friend. Most noteworthy, an individual’s number one friend is his friend in need. Furthermore, such a friend would tell how great he feels about you. Moreover, such a friend would tell you all your positive aspects. Consequently, this significantly increases an individual’s self-confidence. A friend in need is certainly a supporter of your dreams and aspirations. Furthermore, a true friend would always believe in you. Moreover, such a friend does not discourage you from your ambitions. Most noteworthy, such a friend believes in the efforts of his friend and supports him in every manner. In order to be a friend in need, one must show proper respect for their friend. Above all, one must respect and honor what one’s friend says or does. One must certainly not disrespect their friend’s point of view. A true friend must provide non-judgemental perspectives. Therefore, you should help your friend to see all sides of each issue. A true friend must help one make use of logical decisions rather than emotional ones. Furthermore, the true test of a friendship is during times of difficulties. Most noteworthy, the friend who offers genuine help during troublesome period passes this test. Such a friend is a resilient, firm, and fierce friend.