Format to Write a Good Application

Format to Write a Good Application

How to Write a Good Application

1. A good application should include first of all a Salutation remark like, To the Principal or To the Manager in correct order as follows


The Principal/Manager etc.

2. After salutation a letter should convoy a valid address of the school or the office like as follows:

Bank name with Address…

3. Being done with salutation and address then comes the Subject (a focus line that contains the essence of the entire application). This part is the mainly significant part of any format whether is it to be presented to Chief Minister, Chairperson of any educational organization, restaurant owner, college’s principal, Call centers or whatever you like to administer through your writing skill.

4. Talking of writing skills the writer of the letter must be knowledgeable enough about the on-going trends of the society he is a part of. The writer should be very watchful and concerned about the words he is choosing to address some particular someone. The word choice depends on the character of the application.

5. If the application is for MEDICAL/JOB/URGENT/SHORT LEAVES etc. then words used must be very calculated and refined in nature. Tone must be cultured and trimmed according to the level of the person addressed. Outspokenness is not admissible in applications.

6. In the applications of all types Slangs are not to be written at all.

7. In the applications of all types the Complimentary remarks are restricted to only YOURS TRULY/SINCERELY.

8. In the application the ending remarks are accompanied with full address of the writer knitted together with exact date, normally on day before the leave for the convenience of the administration.