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Florida Woman Convinced Video Shows “Baby Dinosaur” Running through her Yard

Florida Woman Convinced Video Shows “Baby Dinosaur” Running through her Yard

A Florida Palm Coast resident shared a video showing her firm belief that a “baby dinosaur” was crossing her yard at dawn. Caught on a home security camera in April this year, the footage sparked a storm of controversy on social media as to the true identity of this mysterious nocturnal intruder. Christina Ryan, whose property visited the strange creature, told Fox 35 News that “any animal we can bring with us will be ‘walking’ at 3:40 in the morning, not walking this way.”

“I’ve probably seen ‘Jurassic Park’ many times, but I’ve seen a Raptor or other small dinosaur!” In fairness, it is reasonable to assume that any resurrected dinosaur will at some point escape from their enclosure and start attacking other habitats, and anyone who has seen the latest installments of the famous movie franchise will understand how dramatic such a scene might be. To be.

At the same time, there is a lot to be said for the old proverb that a simple explanation is usually the best, so it is worth looking for more procedural solutions before jumping straight to the baby dinosaur. Mentioned as a commenter on social media, the animal in the video looks like a dog, probably stuck in a bucket or something else. Someone else suggested the Sandilhill Crane, a huge species of crane that lives in North America. Other visitors were advised that the animal could be any kind of reptile, including bearded dragons and brown basilisk lizards – most of which are found in Florida – were identified as potential culprits.

Despite these suggestions, Ryan insisted that “no answer has ever come to what it was. Even asking neighbors. We’re all sure it’s a dinosaur!” More specifically, he said that the yard invader seems to be an enthusiast, yet it should be remembered that this prehistoric hunter probably does not resemble the scale monster depicted in Jurassic Park.

As a matter of fact, they’ve been in feathers and the Floridian creature doesn’t seem to be very proud of the plumage. Also, the dinosaurs are dead. That being said, studies have suggested that velociraptors were probably more solitary predators than pack animals. The video captures that the specimen appears alone, so the team is considered a subject for Raptor.