Empowerment of Women

Empowerment of Women

Empowerment of Women

The empowerment of women is a very common issue now. Women’s empowerment is very pessary to make the bright future of the family, society, and country. Approximately half of the total population of the world are women. It refers to making women powerful to make them capable of deciding for themselves. But the present situation of women is very bad. The main cause of this situation of women is lack of empowerment. As women were not allowed to make decisions for them, women’s empowerment came in like a breath of fresh air. Moreover, the education and freedom scenario is very regressive here. Women are not allowed to pursue higher education, they are married off early. We can see that women can not participate in policy and decision making. Empowerment of women would mean encouraging women to be self-reliant, independent, have positive self-esteem, generate confidence to face any difficult situation, and invite active participation in various socio-political development endeavors. Women empowerment is empowering the women to take their own decision for their personal dependent.

Empowering the women to take important decisions for their personal development is called women empowerment. There are various ways in how one can empower women.  It is to make the women independent in all aspects of life be it mind, thoughts, and making the right decisions without the societal and family restrictions.  The individuals and government must both come together to make it happen. Education for girls must be made compulsory so that women can become illiterate to make a life for themselves. Empowering women is to bring equality in the social order in which men and women are both equals in all areas. For a country to have a bright future, society, and family to flourish, women empowerment is essential. Empowerment of women helps them to take their own decision by breaking all personal limitations of society and family.

It is nicely said,

“Once a woman is on the move,

the whole family moves,

then the village moves,

at last, the nation also moves.”

Empowerment of women means women’s participation in decision and making. Empowering women is to make them independent in all aspects of the mind, thoughts, rights, decisions, and social or family limitations. In a broad sense, the empowerment of women means women’s participation in all sectors. But lack of participation women is exploited, neglected, and oppressed. Almost every country, no matter how progressive has a history of ill-treating women. Traditional society, family, lack of education, lack of economic power one the main obstacle for the women. The real meaning of women’s empowerment is to make them well educated and leave them free so that they can become capable to make their own decisions in any field. It also refers to the creation of an environment of women where they can make a decision of their own for their personal benefits as well as for society. Without women, men can not prosper. So we should ensure women’s empowerment in all sectors for our better development.