Employment Policy in Grameenphone

Employment Policy in Grameenphone


GrameenPhone provides equal employment opportunity for all Bangladeshi citizens. It is the policy of the Company to attract, retain and motivates qualified and skilled employees within the Company. To do this, the Company offers competitive compensation package and provides equal opportunity for career development to all employees. It is believed that in order to achieve the company’s goal, there must have efficient and high caliber human resources. Therefore, the Company pays maximum attention and efforts in recruiting highly qualified and competent employees who are willing to face challenges in achieving Company’s goals. The role of HR in respect to attracting, retaining and motivating qualified and skilled employees is enormous. The formulation and implementation of a sound Employment Policy have great importance in the fulfillment of desired objectives.

Guiding principles

Grameen Phone employment policies are based on the following guiding principles:

Fairness: Grameen Phone tries to utilize available human resources at it’s best. The Company does not discriminate against any job seeker and employee on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or any other factor that does not pertain to the individual’s ability to do the job. Each employee is entitled to fair wages and job opportunities in return for their job, skills, commitment, loyalty, personal interest and best efforts. The Company applies each employment policy in a fair, uniform and consistent manner.

Right person at the right job: The Company tries hard to ensure best match of skills and thus recruit right and competent persons at the right job at the right time

  Efficient and effective: At all stages of recruitment process, all-out efforts are given to ensure that the steps are efficient and effective.

Realistic Planning: with the rapid expansion of Grameen Phone operation in the cellular service, appropriate HR planning is given due importance.

Standard method: The steps and procedures being followed during the course of recruitment, selection and placement conform to the standards of the Company.

 Development focus: Where qualified human resources are not readily available, and even their hiring is subject to cost, therefore, Grameen Phone attempts to  develop employees from within. The Company is committed to develop its Human Resources to achieve the Company’s vision and goals and will explore and use the available development opportunities.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process of Grameenphone consists of seven specific steps. Its recruitment process is very clear and transparent.

Recruitment process is discussed in below:

proces of gp


Fig: Recruitment process Selection process of Grameenphone

 Human Resource Planning (step:1)

Human resource planning is the process of getting the right number of qualified and competent people into the right job at the right time. Putting another way, HR planning is the system of matching the supply of people internally and externally with the openings the Company expects to have over a given time frame. The quality of the candidate and his/her expertise are deciding factor how Grameen Phone will succeed in achieving its visions, objectives and tasks.

Human Resource planning in Grameen phone must be a part of the Company’s overall plan. When drawing up Human Resource plans, it is important to take the following factors into consideration:

–          Potential / expected workload and expertise requirements and to ensure the   optimum and effective utilization of the Human Resources for the entire Company, both for current and future requirements.

–          Possibilities for greater efficiency through reorganization and the use of tools / facilities, and making adjustment during expansion and contraction.

–          Employ turnover / employee mobility.

–          Potential transfer, promotion, periods of leave etc and design and implement plans to help achieve manpower objective.

Human Resource planning should start at the beginning of the year so that HR can  co-ordinate Human Resource Planning process at the right time. Also necessary budget provisions are important factor to look into.

Manpower needs and requisition (step:2)

While requesting for filling the replacement of existing vacant position or new position, the concerned office will fill up a Recruitment Requisition Form and send the same to HR.

Existing Position:  Respective Department will inform the HR of any vacant position so that HR can co-ordinate / notify the other offices of the vacant position. Whenever needed, the Head of HR will review the available records and database if there is any qualified and suitable candidate available from Grameen Phone’s internal sources or prospective external candidates already identified earlier. The Director HR should be informed in the event his / her approval is required. In special circumstances and to make a quick decision the Head of HR may propose any suitable staff within the Grameen Phone for the position to the respective department Head.

New position: For a new position each Department shall follow the following procedures:

¶  New employ position should be discussed with Director HR will in advance. In case a new position needs to be created, then the Department Head will submit a request to Director HR for approval with proper justification attaching with a detailed job description.

¶  Upon the approval of Director, HR recruitment process will begin or wherever possible internal transfer or promotion will be made to fill up the vacant position.

¶  All new appointments must be in accordance with the approved department budget and must be approved by Head of HR and the Managing Director of GrameenPhone.

¶  It is the function of HR to ensure consistency throughout the company in regard to the creation of any new position. HR will review and ensure that a position with similar responsibility is placed in the same grade level.

Job description (step:3)

Recruitment process ideally begins with the analysis of job description and person specification for that job. A job description and analysis of person specification provide the foundation for stipulating the job title and salary scale of the position. Person specification is vital, because the key part of the person specification, established at the beginning, is used in structured selection interview.

Job Description is the basis of GrameenPhone’s recruitment, selection and placement, training, performance appraisal, salary administration, promotion and other personnel actions for its employees.

Job description is prepared by respective Head of the Department and a copy of it is sent to HR. In case there is any change in the duties and responsibilities, then job description must be revised. A copy of the latest job description is kept in employee’s personal file.

The appointing authority and the line manager shall ensure that each employee has an appropriate and updated job description sating clearly the context, purpose, organogram, duties &responsibilities of the employees and person specification.

Recruitment sources (step:4)

An effective recruitment always starts with the correct selection of sources of human resources. A recruited employee who has not the right skill can not perform effectively. As a result the overall performance level is sure to deteriorate which has significant effect on the company performance. Therefore, Grameenphone has been on continuous search of effective sources.

Internal sources: It is Grameenphone’s policy to give preference to appoint internal candidates provided that to apply for appointment during  probationary period. Promotion internal employees on the basis of succession planning may also be looked into. “Any change of job will not compromise on Grameenphone will be advertised through internal notices to the concerned officers.

External sources: Whenever job vacancies are required to be circulated outsides, the main objective will be to attract a pool of candidates to apply from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen. Here are a number of external sources that will be used by the company.

¶  Newspapers advertisement: Vacancy announced will be circulated by publishing advertisement in the national newspaper. The newspapers that are widely circulated will be chosen for publishing advertisement, one in English and one in bangle.

¶  Request to other organizations: In some cases, if deemed necessary, Grameenphone may request other organizations to circulate job vacancy among their employees. Job vacancy advertisement may be posted in their notice board as well.

¶  Employee referrals: Employee of the company may refer prospective job seekers to HR Department. There are professional or technical jobs which are frequently harder to fill. Employees with hard to hard find job skills may know others meet the desired job requirement and do the same work. In such case, employee referral method may be useful.

¶  Walk-in and write-ins: Often job seekers arrive at HR Department in search of a job. They are walk-in people. Write-ins are those who send their curriculum resume for suitable position. Both groups may be asked to fill up an application blank. Their relevant information may be kept in active database file for any suitable position on future. Based on their suitability, they may be called for interview against any vacant position.

¶  Website: Modern information technology such as website “”  also can be utilized for advertising job vacancy of certain senior position.

¶  Others: Depending on circumstances, other profession /employment agencies, educational institutes, technical institutes and journals may be chosen to give wider coverage of job openings.

 General recruitment policies (step:5)


1. Gramophone is committed to recruit suitably qualified and experienced Bangladeshi citizens for vacant positions by way of:

(a)  Implementing effective and appropriate recruiting, screening and selection procedures.

(b) Identifying and implementing standard selection procedures that are relevant to education, skills training, experience and knowledge necessary for successful job performance.

(c) Conforming the hiring procedures to country’s law and in line with the Company’s requirements and financial situation.

2. From manpower requisition/publishing advertisement step to placement step, a total of 29 working days will be required. It is shown in the appendix-2. All condemned must follow the timeline guideline strictly.

3. Individuals between the ages of 18-57 years can be hired as regular employee of GrameenPhone.

4. Under no circumstances a regular or contract employee of any other organization is allowed to undertake regular, long-term or short-term contract employment in GrameenPhone.

5. All appointments in GrameenPhone shall conform to its existing position with Grade and Salary level.

6. In the spirit of internationalism, GrameenPhone may recruit senior employee from abroad in case from abroad in case suitable national employee could not be hired, upon approved by Board of Directors.

7. The employment status can be changed from regular to contract or vice versa depending on the situation arising from Company need or a situation that arises on the ground of performance.

8. The GrameenPhone internal applicant will be entitled to normal perdiem and travel expenses, according to the Company policy, for the interviews held in other than his/her place of positing.

9. HR and the concerned line manager will maintain absolute confidentiality of the implementation of any part of the recruitment process. No query will be responded or no information will be provided regarding the status of and recruitment until the entire process is complete.

10. It is an important role on the part of HR to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment methods, short-listing criteria, testing tools being used etc. An evaluation is useful to validate hiring steps and subsequently adopt better selection procedures for the Company.

11. HR will maintain an active database incorporating skills inventory of employees that may be used as a starting point from recruiting from within.

 Newspaper advertisement (step:6)

Job advertisement in the newspaper or any other source is the most other method of attracting candidate. Advertisements to be published in the national dailies must be attractive. It should indicate the position, nature of appointment, location, major areas of responsibility, terms & conditions, age limit, minimum education level, work experience, job requirements, special requirements. The Candidates will be asked to provide specific but detail information in their resume that are expected to facilitate scrutiny process easily.

The concerned department sends a job description to HR with manpower requisition in a prescribed format. HR drafts the advertisement based on job specifications of the position and sends the same to line manager for their inputs, of any and confirmation of the advertisement. The market communication section is responsible for designing and layouts before sending an advertisement to newspapers.

 Application receiving (step:7)

HR Department collects job applications against each vacancy announcement. There should have a minimum time period for application receiving. The period should normally be around 8 working days from the date of vacancy announcement.

All applications are sequentially numbered in HR Applications are not accepted that are received after the deadline. Under special circumstances, applications after deadline may be accepted provided written permission is given by the concerned department head. It is GrameenPhone policy to attract as many applicants to apply, provided they meet the pre-requisites of the job. However, those who have been regretted within last six months period are not allowed to apply for whatsoever position in GrameenPhone and within one year, a candidate can not appear for more than two tests/interview.

4.02 Selection Process

Selection Process: Selection process of Grameenphone consists of ten specific policies. Its recruitment process is very clear and transparent. Recruitment process is graphically showed in below:


Fig: Selection process of Grameenphone

Selection process includes series of specific steps used to decide who should be hired. Selection process begins when recruitment ends subject to sufficient number of applicants obtained who are willing and able to do hold the job. The purpose of the selection interview is to college information about a candidate and assesses how far he/she can perform in the job.

Selection process involves screening and appraising the applicants in a systematic manner. Those who are found not suitable for the jobs are excluded from selection tests. During selection process, GrameenPhone focuses on performance-related issues whether the applicant fulfils the job requirements and can do the job. The Company uses a multiple cutoff technique including series of screening devices.

 Short listing of candidates (step:1)

Short listing is done on the basis of appraising information on the application form in the light of job specifications of a job being advertised. How far a candidate meets the job criteria will critically be reviewed. The short listing method should be qualitative one where managerial judgment plays an important role.

Short listing depends on the nature of job. Before short listing of candidates for tests, job criteria are set by HR and line manager. There are general and technical job criteria that a candidate has to meet for consideration of next step of selection. HR determines general criteria while line manager determines technical criteria. Although both the type of criteria are important, however, it is the nature of job that determines which type of criteria should give more weight age than the other. Type of criteria should give more weightage than the other.


Short listing will be done by evaluating the following:

¶  Educational qualification: whether the candidates has the required educational qualification.

¶  Relevant job experience and required skills: how far candidate’s most recent job experiences and skills match the job requirements of the position in question.

The candidate may have irrelevant job experiences and skills that will not be considered during short listing.

The following situations may provide some guideline during short listing:


Short listing decision

Highly relevant job experience and meets all or most job criteria and length of past job experience fully or fairly satisfactoryShould be considered
Moderately relevant job experience and meets most or fairly moderate level of job criteria and length of past job experience is fully or fairly satisfactoryMay be considered subject to the number of candidates based on above are not up to the desired number
Irrelevant job experience meets little job criteria and length of past job experience is fairly satisfactory or unsatisfactoryShould not be considered

GrameenPhone follows a standard set rule of short listing candidates. For one position the number of candidates for written test should not be more than 8. The number of candidate in the oral test should not be more than 4-5.

Role of different departments in short listing:

In regard to short listing of candidates, the role of concerned line manager and HR is crucial. HR is in better position to know exact job specifications, job challenges and job standards; therefore the responsibility of short listing rests on HR.

For non-technical positions, HR will exclusively be preparing short list of candidates. For technical positions, HR will seek line managers input, if necessary. The procedure is that line manager will send technical job criteria to HR who match those criteria and will ultimately scrutinize candidates.

During short listing the following criteria must be taken into account:

¶  Type of the position

¶  Urgency of a personnel

¶  Career development of the position

¶  Importance of other related skills for that positions

  Administering tests and interview (step:2)

Following short listing of prospective candidates, internal and external, appropriate employment tests such as written tests, oral tests or any other tests as deemed fit will be arranged to assess candidates suitability for the position. Through the tests candidate’s selected psychological factors such as intelligence, aptitude, temperament and attitude will be measured/observed.


The main focus of employment tests will be on:

¶  Job related questions to assess in-depth knowledge of the candidate

¶  Assessment of mental ability, reasoning, memory etc.

¶  Assessment of potentiality and ability to learn

¶  Proficiency in performing tasks

¶  Assessment in line with job analysis

The selection is made on the basis of successive hurdle approach. The candidates will be rejected following each of the stage or test being administered. Performance in one test will not be considered in the succeeding tests rather the performance in the next stage will be decisive factor for selection.

Written and oral test questions will be drafted by HR. A set of questions of technical nature will be drafted by line manager and be sent to HR confidentiality from which few will be included random basis by HR. While finalizing test question, HR will stick to job requirements of the position and maintain relevance, consistency and standard on the pattern of questions. The type of question will depend on the nature of the position. Usually a combination of multiple and narrative type of questions will be sent in the written test.

All multiple type of answers will exclusively be checked HR. Also the non-technical narrative part of the written answer papers will be examined by HR while the technical part will be checked by line manager. The compilation of score obtained in written test will be done by HR. It is the responsibility of HR to select and call candidates for subsequent tests based on the performances of written tests. The minimum qualifying score in the written test is 50%. Candidates who have qualified in the written test will be invited for the next selection test.

Ü  Company presentation  (step:3)

The candidates who have appeared for written test are briefed about GrameenPhone. Just before the written test, a half an hour presentation is organized by HR on the following topics:

¶  The Company profile

¶  The present considerations, goals and targets of GrameenPhone

¶  The growth of Grameenphone in the present market

¶  The brief description of the position

¶  Type of written test and evaluation of the result

Testing tools

The purpose of a test, its design and its direction for administration should be reviewed before a test is used. Each type of test has a different purpose. A single test may not be implemented for all positions.


The following test tools may be looked at before administering any tests:

Performance test: Such test measures the ability of applicants to do some parts of the work for which they are to be hired. For example, module preparation test and presentation skill tests are required for an officer who will be responsible for training function.

Knowledge tests: Such tests are used to measure the job-related knowledge of an applicant. For example, a math test for an accountant and knowledge of telecommunication for a technical position is required.

Aptitude tests: This type of test is used to measure a person’s capacity or latent ability to learn and perform a job.

There are other testing tools available such as English proficiency, general knowledge, analytical ability, basic computer test, stress taking ability, personality tests, interest tests that may be administered depending on the nature of job.

Interview Steps (step:4)

Selection interview is an in-depth discussion between interviewer and interviewee. It is a pre-plan activity that does not just happen. Planning and structuring interviews particularly defining the criteria to be used are very important steps in selection. There are several distinct stages of selection interview:

Interview Preparation: Before interview begins, the interviewer must be fully prepared. They should select method, be familiar with the job requirements, skills that are sought in a candidate, applicant’s background.

Establish rapport: When the candidate has just arrived, interviewer creates a comfortable situation making the interviewer easy and relaxed by means of small talk, smiles and a relaxed posture.

Conduction of the interview: This is the main part of the interview session. At least 80% time should be allocated for conduction of interview. At this stage, interviewee ask several job related, behavior-oriented, structured-unstructured and probing questions to assess suitability of the candidate. A minimum of 30 minutes time should be spent for each interview although for many positions more than 30 minutes time may be required.

An interview Board/Selection Committee will be formed comprising of the following personnel:

¶  Line Manager

¶  Departmental Head

¶  Head of HRD

The board members’ grade level must be above the grade level of the position being interviewed. All recruitment will be processed 8in HR, however, for some senior management level position, outside recruitment may be permissible. Executive Search/Professional Consulting Firms may be contacted by HR for this purpose.

The interview board members should ask questions that are relevant to the performances of the job including questions regarding required skills. There are some key words to begin with questioning such as tell, explain, how, what, why, have you, are you etc. The type of questions may be mixed of open-ended, behavior-oriented, competency based, and stress type questions. The nature of question will vary according o the nature and level of position. The question asked should reflect professional image of the company.

The candidates should not be asked questions that have no relevance to job requirements. Questions such as ‘How old are you’, ‘Are you married, single or divorced’, ’To what club do you belong’ or any type of such irrelevant questions should be avoided.

In the end, the interview board members try to answer some key question:

(a) Can the candidate do the job?

(b) Will the individual do the job?

(c) How will the individual fit with the company?

Closing and evaluation: At this stage and indication is given that the interview is about to be closed. The interviewer evaluates the performance of the candidate by using an assessment form and record their overall impression based on notes taken during the interview session. The interview board members rank all candidates and recommend candidate who is best suited to them. The basis of preliminary selection are marks obtained in oral tests and their judgement about the candidate’s fit for the position. The minimum acceptable score in the oral test in 4 in the 1-8 rating scale. A consensual recommendation is made and forwarded to HR along with all papers for next course of action. The board members sign the Employment Approval Form.

Employment of relatives: Hiring of close relatives of employee is discouraged. The close relative and friends are not hired in the same department/Section. However, with the written approval of authority, relatives of employee may be hired by the company in another department/Section provided that:

¶  The relative has the required qualification and skills required for the position,

¶  Neither of the related person will be the line manager of the other,

¶  The hiring will not separate a family, particularly a spouse.

When an employee becomes the relative of another by marriage, they will update HR in this regard. If anyone hides marriage information, it will be severely dealt with according to the company policy. A close relative is defined as parents, spouse, children, brother/sister, in-laws, first cousins, uncles/aunts(1st) and nieces/nephews (1st).

Medical examination (step:5)

In GrameenPhone, the job offer is contingent on passing medical examination conducted by the company nominated diagnostic centre. The medical examination is conducted once preliminary decision for recruitment is made but the employment offer has not yet given. The purpose for a medical examination is to obtain information on the health status of the applicant being considered for employment and to determine whether the applicant is physically and mentally capable of performing the job. The cost of medical examination is borne by the company.

GrameenPhone issues an authorization letter to the medical centre mentioning the name of the applicant. In a prescribed confidential format, the centre prepares a report on the candidate’s health status and tests findings with a final comment that the applicant is physically and mentally fit for employment or not.

 Information and reference check (step: 6)

Once a preliminary selection decision is made, HR will verify certain information as provided in the Job application such as educational degree, work experience, last employment status. The purpose of reference check is to obtain factual information confidentially about a prospective employee and seeking opinions from professional referees and previous employer about his/her suitability for a job. GrameenPhone authority will request the candidate to tell about any criminal offence by the Court, only in the event the information seems so. GrameenPhone expects more precis3e answers from the referees in a standard format.

 Final selection and Employment offer (step:7)

Based on positive report on health status from the medical centre, and positive reference check, the candidate is selected for appointment. At this stage, the selected candidate is offered employment with GrameenPhone provided that all information are favorable during finalization of appointment. The offer of employment will state the major terms and conditions of employment with GrameenPhone. Any offer of employment must be contingent upon the final reference check with the present or last employer.

A personal Information Form has to be filled up by the finally selected candidate. The form contains detailed information about the new hire and the information will be part of HR database. The information provided in this form must be true and complete, failure to provide correct information is subject to disciplinary acti8on according to company policy.

4.03 Hiring Process


Hiring Process: This process includes three steps. Hiring process can be shown by the following figure:

gp ltd

 Appointment letter (step:1)

The Appointment authority of GrameenPhone will issue an appointment letter to the selected candidate according to Appendix-9 for regular job and Appendix-10 for short-term contract employees.

The appointment letter must include:

¶  Job title (according to Job title matrix), Grade/Step and Salary

¶  Nature of appointment (applicable for contract employee)

¶  Place of posting.

¶  Name of section or department

¶  Effective date of appointment

¶  Probationary period, conditions of confirmation and notice period.

¶  Ending date of employment (applicable for contract employee)

¶  GrameenPhone standard terms and conditions

A current fob description, duly signed by the supervisor, should be attached with the Appointment letter. The Appointment letter and job description will become valid only after signing by the respective signing authority and the employee, in the space provided for the purpose. It is expected that at the time of handing over appointment letter, HR will let the employees know about the company, its policies, compensation, terms and conditions. professional standards of conduct and pertinent information in brief.

Appointment Authority:

Appointment authority is defined as the right and responsibility to make decisions with respect to recruitment, and the issuance and signing of all relevant correspondence with employee during hiring. The appointment endorsement for different level of employment must be made as per the following authority level:

Position levelApproval Needed
Director levelManaging Director
Manager, DGM, AGM, GM levelDirector, HR
Dy. Manager, Officer/Engineer and below levelManager, HR


 Release order (step:2)

Person who employed with another organization must provide clearance/release letter to HR at their time of joining with Grameen Phone. Under no circumstances, employees joining will be accepted without clearance/release order being produced form the last employer. Grameen Phone voids legal complicacy arising due to non-acceptance of resignation by the person’s employer.

   Personnel file of new hire (step:3)

GrameenPhone shall open a personal file in each individual employee, starting from the date of his /her appointment. In the same file information relating to employee’s payroll, compensation, benefit, insurance calculation, and income tax calculation are maintained. Grameen Phone also maintains a general leave file for all employees of the respective office.

4.04 Re-employment

Employment, those who left GrameenPhone are to be considered for re-employment if he/she meets the job requirements. All re- employment with GrameenPhone are subject to approval by Director HR manager. Such candidature may be considered only if there is a vacancy and subject to his /her favorable performance record in the past and also if he/she meets the company’s current job requirement. Re-employment will not be automatic and the applicant has to go through the recruitment process and compete with other candidates who have applied for the post. An employee who was dismissed or terminated or whose previous service record is unsatisfactory is not e for re-employment with Grameen Phone.

4.05 Professional Services

GrameenPhone may appoint interns and consults and seek their services needed for the Company. The nature of appointment will be agreed under specific terms and condition and will be contingent upon budgetary provisions. The intent for appointing such individuals is to receive their services in specific field if study that are benefited for the Company.

Ü  Interns

Interns are the persons who perform special assignment in any particular field of Company business as part of their academic course. Normally, upon requests form educational institutions, Grameen phone selects interns to allow them to conduct specific study within the Company.

The objective of hiring intern is to allow them to enhance their practical knowledge and thus develop their skills in the area of their interest. On the other hand, interns research work my be invaluable output for the Company and the generated reports/documents will be valuable document for Company‘s use. The company may find potential candidates from the interns. Company’s goodwill in the educational market as well as in the job market will also be established.

The intern is expected to perform specific activity under the agreed assignment. The internship period will be maximum three months and at the end of the assignment, the intern will prepare a report that will be exclusive property of GrameenPhone. The contents of the report will not be shared with outside people or organizations other than the requesting institute.

Intern will be given tk.3000 per month, plus pick up and drop facility that fall within Company provider route. Upon request from educational institution, GP will select interns in consultation with respective department. A formal contract will be prepared by HR and the terms and conditions of the contract will be determined through mutual discussion. The authority of GP may terminate internship contract at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Ü  Consultant

The consultants are the individuals who con duct comprehensive study in any particular of company business to fulfill specific terms of reference. GP identifies such consultants to perform special assignment that is exclusively required for the company .the consultant mist be a competent person and have relevant background, skills and previous experience in the same field of the study. The output may be in from of report preparation that will be reviewed and examined how far the findings and recommendations of the report could be linked with Company’s future plan and strategy.

A detailed scope of work is prepared and a formal contract is signed by HR. the scope of work must determine background of the study, objective , methodology of the study, activities, out put, time-frame, remuneration, travel allowances, if applicable, termination clause, other standard terms and conditions determined and agreed by both GP and the consultant. These terms and conditions will explicitly be written in the scope work.

The remuneration and travel allowance should be standard and it will depend on the nature the study/output, the profile of the consultant and frequency of visit outside Dhaka. The remuneration is negotiable, however the consultant remuneration will be determined per day or fixed term basis. After the completion of the assignment, consultant’s evaluation will be prepared that will be of consultant’s file for future reference. GP may terminate consultant’s contract at any time without assigning any reason whtsoever.

Employment Policy in Grameenphone