Employees Job Satisfaction of Desire Technology Limited

Employees Job satisfaction of Desire Technology Limited

Bangladesh is a developing country and their culture, their life style all are going to depends on technology day by day. They have prepared this profile about new Product Launching & Marketing of DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. Which considered very important now a days. It also helps us to learn about the global demand and trends in Technology industry. Finally, this plan provides us an idea about new product launching and Marketing in Bangladesh.

Profile of Desire Technology Ltd was started to increase their business, maintain the administrative work and create a good relationship with their corporate client. This profile also helps us to launch any new product in market.


The main objective of this profile is to give a clear view of new Product launching, Promotional activities and marketing strategy of DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. And about their products and services to improve Their knowledge about future market buildup.

The key objectives of this profile are as follows:

  1. To know the overview of Desire Technology Ltd.
  2. Identify the duties and responsibilities of top management.
  3. To know the Brand Profile of this company.
  4. To know the job satisfaction of this company.
  5. To know the practical situation of an organization.
  6. Identify the opportunities and challenges for IT & Technology Business.
  7. To gather practical knowledge that can be implemented for future benefits.

Sample Design

After designing the research, researcher needs to design sample. They know, “sampling is a technique of selecting samples from the population in order to come into a decision”. In this stage, researcher has to decide which samples are to be selected from the available population to draw a conclusion.

Methodology Of The Study

Actually, this study had been conducted in a limited extent. The present study is based on empirical as well as theoretical analysis. Collected data and information were processed and analyzed critically in order to make the report information.

Data Collection:

Data of this report are gathered from different sources as well as with close observation while proceeding had run through. The following sources have been used for the purposes of gathering and collecting data:

Primary Sources:

Primary data have been gathered and assembled by following ways:

  • Practical Deskwork
  • Observation in the organization
  • Face to face contact with the officers
  • Informal interviews with importer/exporters

Secondary Sources:

Secondary data have been collected by using following sources:

  • Annual report of the organization
  • Different reports and journals
  • University library, Department seminar and Internal sources
  • Several kinds of academic test-book and training sheet


DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is one of the largest technology distributors of Bangladesh and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics organization.

They treat Their customers as business partner. At DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd., They place inestimable value on Their business partners. They understand that their partners are the fuel that lets us rise above their competition. Their customers enjoy an extensive menu of services and solutions that greatly enhances their experience of purchasing and owning a DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. product. And the partnership results in what is most important: continued customer satisfaction and loyalty in each sector of company.

They have started their business at 2005 in Elephant Road with a small market area and with insufficient Experience, than in 2010 They have started another business Desire Technology, Both owners are same just Business diversification to increase the market. Since 2010, DESIRE Technology has connected technology solution providers with users nationwide, identifying markets and technologies that shape the Technology industry. Today, DESIRE Technology remains at the forefront of the technology marketplace, bringing the latest products and services to market and finding new ways to bring value to this organization’s customers and create a large market place nationwide.


DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is a known brand in Bangladesh with fast service and technological support. They have started their business in Bangladesh eleven years ago and they are trying to capture the huge number of customers under their service. They are committed to provide the best service to the customers and they are trying to do according to their goal. They have set a certain value through which they will be trying to achieve their goal and those are:

  1. Straight Forward
  2. Reliable
  3. Innovative
  4. Passionate

According to these, they are totally committed to serve the best possible service for the customers and for ensure that they will invest huge financial resources. They are also trying to make a difference in the customers mind. Like in Their country, most of the people are not eligible to bear the expense of a technological product. By considering this fact, they are trying to make this technology available for all.

According to these, their vision is:

“DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. understands people’s needs best and will create and deliver appropriate technological services to improve people’s life and make it easier.”

So, all of their work is aimed towards meeting Their vision. All members of the DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. family are highly passionate individuals, fully committed to achieving the vision that they have set their selves.



Employee job satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment. Keeping morale high among workers can be of tremendous benefit to any company, as happy workers will be more likely to produce more, take fewer days off, and stay loyal to the company. There are many factors in improving or maintaining high employee’s job satisfaction, which wise employers would do well to implement.

Importance of Employees Job Satisfaction

  1. Enhance employee retention.
  2. Increase productivity.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Reduce turnover, recruiting and training costs.
  5. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  6. More energetic employees.
  7. Improver teamwork.
  8. Higher quality products and/ or services due to more competent energized employees.
  9. Company’s profit will be high.

Factors Influencing Employees Job Satisfaction

Organization development factors

  1. Brand of organization in business field and comparison with leading competitor.
  2. Missions and vision of organization.
  3. Potential development of organization.

Policies of compensation and benefits factors

  1. Wage and Salary
  2. Benefits
  3. Rewards

Promotions and career development factors

  1. Opportunities for promotion.
  2. Training program participated or will do.
  3. Capacity of career development

Work task factors

  1. Quantity of ask
  2. Difficult level of task

Relationship with supervisor factors

  1. Level of coaching
  2. Level of assignment for employee
  3. Treatment employee etc

Working conditions and environment factors

  1. Tools and equipment
  2. working methods
  3. Working environment

Corporate culture

  1. Relationship with co-worker
  2. Level of sharing etc.

Competencies personalities and Expectations of employee factors

  1. Competence and personalities of employee are suitable for job?
  2. Expectation of employee are suitable for policies of organization?

Degree of Employees Job satisfaction

Degree of employee’s job satisfaction needs to determine to see whether employee satisfaction is properly maintained or not. We know that, degree of satisfaction can be measured by Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory. At first, an overview of this theory is given below:

Maslow’s needs approach has been considerably modified by Frederick Herzberg and his associates. Their research purpose to find a Two-factor Theory of motivation. In one group of needs a such things as company policy & administration, supervision, working condition, interpersonal relations, salary, status, job security & personal life.

These were found by Herzberg to be only dissatisfies & not motivators.

In the second group Herzberg lists certain satisfiers & therefore motivators-all related to job content. They include achievement, recognition, challenging work, advancement & growth in the job. Their existence will yield feelings of satisfaction or no satisfaction. Here we see the comparison.


Recruitment and Selection Process of DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD


Recruitment is the process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated Organizational Vacancies.


Selection is the function through which the right is found out for the right job or required post of the organization. For smooth achievement of the organization objective. The objective of selection is to choose the right person for the right job.

Training and Development

Training is a process of learning a sequence of programmed behavior. It is application of knowledge. It gives people an awareness of’-l he rules procedures of guide their behavior It attempts to improve their performance on the current job or prepare them for an intended job.

Development is a related process. It covers not only those activities which improve job performance but also those which bring growth of the personality help individuals to the progress towards maturity and actualization of their potential capacities so that they become not only good employees but better men and women. In organizational terms, it is intended to quip person to earn promotion and hold greater responsibility.


The company emphasizes on group moral rather than personal. It has no particular system in measuring the morale of employee. Being an employee of this concern the entire employee possesses good social status and therefore, they have high morale.

The organization has good reputation in practicing ethical business. To ensure the ethical behavior of the employees it follows basic policies.

  • Not to do any unethical business.
  • Avoiding market and price manipulation practices.
  • Giving tax (Customs, Income, duty, others).
  • Not to offer and receive bribe for doing anything.
  • Social welfare involvement.

Relationship with the Superiors Subordinates Colleagues

Healthy and cordial relationship in the department will not only provide healthy environment but also paves was for smooth flow of work, increases productivity and qualitative performance. Better understanding and friendly relations with superior’s subordinates and colleagues is necessity for a good environment. Joining hands together and helping each other enhance stability and confidence among themselves that contributes to the security and improve performance as a whole.

Employee Safety

Desire Technology Ltd provides the employee safety. It ensures all kinds of job safety such as insurance of each employee.

Employee Health

 Free medical check-up, provide health care and provide necessary medical facilities for each employee.


Performance appraisal means evaluating an employee’s current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards. It is a systematic, structured and continuous process of evaluating, assessing and measuring an employee’s work behaviors and output in a work place over a specific period of time. It is an instrument for motivating and communicating performance to an employee. Every year most employees experience an evaluation of their past performance. Systematic performance appraisal helps the employees to know their achieved performance level.

It is also equaled important to the employer. Employers come to know the performance level and the worth of the particular employee in the company. As well as it assists the employer to know the value added by the particular employee to the company and to recognize the employee’s contribution in achieving the organizational goals Performance may appraise monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. But the standard one is to appraise performance annually.

DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD appraises the performance of its employees annually. Though it is a critical job to appraise the performance of a high volume employee, they are trying to make a systematic process in this regard. They developed a simple performance appraisal from namely “Annual Performance Evaluation Report”, there is three parts in the Form, Part-1 contains the Bio-Data of the appraise along with Pay scale, Present Monthly Salary, Post Hold Earlier, and Date of Increment.

Evaluation Criteria

Performance Evaluation containing the following ten criteria.

  • Attendances and Punctuality.
  • Sincerity and Efficiency
  • Standard and Accuracy of job done.
  • Ability to perform job assigned.
  • Eagerness to accept responsibility.
  • Obedience and truthfulness.
  • Behaviors and Relationships with Superiors and Colleagues.
  • Acceptability of new method/Development.
  • Cost consciousness.
  • Ability to complete a good day’s work.



Counseling may be defined as discussion emotional aspect with the employee with object about the problem. Counseling is a conversation with one to one relationship. It helps to reduce emotional tension. People tend to get emotional release wherever they have and opportunity to tell someone about their problems. Counseling tends to activate co-operation by clarifying situations. Clearing up misunderstanding and eliminator uncertainly and confusion. It helps to improve employee’s moral, job satisfaction and motivation.


Job Security

A person who is satisfied with the current job would continue to remain in the same job. So job security plays a crucial role in the maintenance of job satisfaction among employees.


Motivation is very important for the achievement of objectives. It ensures the active and wholehearted commitment of the workers to the assigned job. In realization of this truth the management gives some financial and non-financial motivating incentives for the employee. Followings are the motivating incentives allowed by the management.

 Financial Motivating Incentives

  • Transportation facilities are provided by the company
  • Mortal day benefits is provided to the workers as two hours over time salary
  • Double conveyance is provided to the employees on Mortal Days
  • Attendance Bonus (BDT.100% attendance and BDT. 50% for one day absent) is given to the workers
  • Yearly increment based on the performance is ensured for the employee
  • Sometimes special increment is allowed for Extra Ordinary Performance
  • Employees are accordingly promoted based on the performance
  • Medical facility is provided to the employees at working hours
  • There is arrangement of tea for management level employee at the canteen
  • Two days attendance is given for 16 hours continuous duty
  • Yearly two Festival Bonus


Non-Financial Motivating Incentives

  • Timely payment of salary and over time
  • Good Behavior
  • Good and healthy working environment
  • Proper delegation of authority
  • Job security
  • Systematic grievance handling
  • Building informal relationship with the workers
  • Participative management is ensured
  • Recognition of worthy performance


Employee benefits and services were formerly known as benefits and these benefits were primarily the in-kind payments employees receive in addition to payments in form of money.

In addition to paying employees fairly and adequately for their contributions in the performance of their jobs, organizations assume a social obligation for the welfare of employees and their dependents.

Employees benefits are usually inherent components of the non-compensation system are made available to employees that provide:

  • Protection in case of health and accident
  • Income upon retirement and termination

These benefits are components that contribute to the welfare of the employee by filling some kind of demand.


Infometrics is an IT Solution Provider Company managed by a group of professional. The Bangladesh wing of the company is indeed an Export oriented Software as well as Web Developer concern, which has also expanded its market locally through its experienced professional since the mid of 1999. It is a total solution provider in Information Technology (IT) for local clients and abroad. It offers Automated Business Solution along with Management Consulting Service to serve the customer requirement.

The company has a good reputation of arranging clients’ satisfaction from a wide range of clients including Public, Semi-Government and Private Sector. We provide time-related expertise and services rather than merely product sales.

We work on a time-costing basis (i.e. an hourly Consulting rate plus actual Development man-hour ) for any of our valued clients.

Desktop based Software Development, Web-based application Development,

Multimedia Authoring, Networking and Training, Web site Designing & Hosting.

Infometrics delivers industry-standard quality software along with guarantee of 24/7 after sales service support and a dedicated project management team in a very reasonable cost. infometrics ensures Proper Documentation, Bug free Application, Performance

Tuning Service, User friendly Interface, Secured Design, Multilingual support for any software application and W3 Standard.

  • Desktop based Software Development
  • Web based Application Development & Hosting
  • Network Consulting & Integration
  • Training on ICT
  • Consultancy on Library, Archive & IRC Development
  • Consultancy on Human Resources Development
  • SMS Based Services
  • Corporate IT Services

Product Overview

  1. Mirror-Automated Library & Information Management System

“Mirror for library automation” is the prime mission of infometrics, companyengaged in providing education, training, consultancy and software. Its continuous growth for the last 08 years has made Mirror a defector standard for libraries.

With an open system architecture since its inception and its continuous transition from a host multi-user system to Client-Server implementation makes Mirror an advanced multidimensional library and Information Management system. A powerful and user friendly Web-OPAC makes it an outstanding choice for a Library and Information Management system.

Mirror is an Integrated Library and Information Management Software covering almost all the functions of a library in the following areas:

  • ­ Acquisition
  • ­ Cataloguing
  • ­ Circulation
  • ­ Serials Management (Journal)
  • ­ OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • ­ Searching (Integrated Search Engine)
  • ­ Reporting


Digital Resources Management/Digital Library

Mirror supports both print and non-print materials. It has various formats to describe each material type, using different fields.

Mirror supports Google like free text searching. The bibliographic database searching is integrated with the Circulation and Cataloguing operations.

In circulation operations, bar-code technology may be employed for identification of both borrowers and materials. Mirror implements security by allowing access through passwords. Security is provided for the user as well as for the library staff. For the staff, access can be controlled even at the function level. The PHP based interface in

Mirror Web OPAC provides an effective gateway to Internet and Intranet.

Mirror is a powerful software written in `Visual Basic’ and ‘PHP’ providing extremely user-friendly interface during operations. It uses SQL Server as back-end RDBMS. Full Graphical User Interface (GUI) front-end is provided for the windows client.

Incorporating new developments in Information Technology is a norm at Mirror. It supports a wide spectrum of hardware / software platforms in Client-Server environment.

Products & MODULES

Presently Mirror is available as following two products:

Mirror -pro: A standard product with full-fledged functionalities as usually required in universities, large academic institution, special libraries, public libraries, etc.

Mirror -light: A downsized product derived from Mirror-pro for corporate, colleges and school libraries where some special functionality may not be required. However

Mirror-light adequately meets the requirement of a modern growing library. Both Mirror-pro and Mirror-light can be implemented in Client-Server mode providing complete range of features expected from any advanced library system.

An effective workflow is provided through following integrated systems:-

  • Acquisition
  • Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • Serials Management (Journal)
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Searching (Integrated Search Engine)

HR Manager (HR Software for Attendance & Leave Management) ‘HR Manager’ is a complete Human Resources Management System for corporate environments. It deals with interrelated components working together to collect, process, store and disseminate information to support decision making, co-ordination, control, analysis and visualization of an organization’s Human Resources Management activities . Benefits

  • User friendly
  • Web based
  • Multi-User facility and role based user creation
  • Customizable with facility to include other HR relevant module in future
  • Integration with door proximity devices
  • Single point of data entry
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Cost effective
  • Easy performance evaluation
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Enables to share information with various departments and eliminate duplication

The Accountant: Easy and hassle free Accounting Software. The Accountant leads you to the success in making efficient decision.

Edumetrics: Edumetrics is a complete education management package suitable for universities, colleges and school. It deals with admission, counseling Advising, examination, promotion, personal and financial information of student.

Medimetrics: It is integrated Hospital Management System designed and developed by infometrics It covers a wide range of hospital administration and management processes and provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making and future business planning.

Value Added Services of DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd.

  1. Home services
  2. Product delivery to the customer
  3. 24 Hours call center service for customer help
  4. Installment of new product.

Sales & service Center:

Sales point & Service Center of DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is distributed throughout the major areas and the districts of the country. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. always thinks about giving the best quality of the product and services that customers can get from the upcoming IPS (Instant Power Supply) named DESIRE power and Solar IPS. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. will be able to make the product and services done by the end of 2015 throughout the country. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is going to launch new offers to maintain a healthy customer care service and more efficient service throughout the country. Here is a comparison that what They have achieved so far and the expected growth of the market share within 2013-2014. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd.’s total sales & service center is spread in many parts of Bangladesh like: Dhaka, Norsingdi, Rajshahi, Meherpur, Kushtia etc districts throughout the country. So They can see that Their organization is expanding Their customer center in the entire country. The management is hopeful about the engineering system and the process of their administration. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is striving for the best technology company and Their management and the employees are trained enough to achieve Their short and long term goals. The system are originally build by a group of young people, who led by a strong team and electrical engineers to build up their service center in many different areas of the country. So their organization is getting the highest benefit as far as Their working coverage is concerned. Products of DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd., Whitwell be creating the highest customer demand, and build the companies well known structure.

Customer Care Service:

The company is and forever will be ensuring customers need and wants as Their highest corporate priority. To ensure the great customer care DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. have got enormous design of customer care service where They are many efficient and trained employees to perform different types of jobs to help and find out the problems of the customers. The customer care centre of DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. will serve Their customers in different sectors like the followings:

  1. Purchasing a new Product
  2. Software Upgrade
  3. Purchasing new software
  4. Utilization of new software
  5. For proper direction of use
  6. Change of Product
  7. Installment payment
  8. Warranty period extending

There is always a chance for the customers to purchase a new product. They have few steps to do that like: to pay the amount and required description to the sales executive to deliver the required product. The customers can do any kinds of enquiry about the product and services.

For the betterment of the customers DESIRE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. have made the adjustments to pay their bill through credit card to make it more convenient and secured the credit cards billing system.

Future Plans of the Brand:

DESIRE Power is the re-generated brands of the DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD. This has been generated Their business throughout the countries from 2011. The M.R IPS was sold to the DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD. and from them they have regenerated the whole business where the new brand DESIRE Power came into the scene of new dimensions of Power Technology in Bangladesh. So DESIRE Power is just a new brand in the changing competitive market of Bangladesh. Thus the company has some important future plans to discover the market leadership in the technology and communication market in Bangladesh. These future plans are:

  1. To make the highest market share in the technology and communication in Bangladesh where now the competition is very high.
  2. To expand their outlet in each and every district of the country which They have already discussed above in service issue.
  3. To make international renowned in the technology services to carry out the service throughout the world.
  4. To build the best customer care and give better service to retain and gain both new and old customers.
  5. To make sure that the service that is provided in the entire country is the best in the country.
  6. To make the IPS and Solar IPS easy for each and every segment of income oriented people which are already proposed in the market. Like no brand before Were selling the IPS and Solar system in such a lot of price before in Bangladesh market.
  7. Make the products available in the market and make charges on the electronic media to work properly.

These are the various plans that They have got in this new brand and They are looking forward to make this things done as early as possible. As the new company Their Company strategies are to make the customer care and to provide the best products so that customers can get easily. So far as the parent company is concerned the DESIRE power not waiting to be the number one in the Bangladesh market. So they will do whatever They have to do to be the best.



  • Well environment for Muslim for praying,
  • Variety of product.
  • Satisfy a large number of customers.
  • Broaden business area in National and International market,
  • Local market leadership.
  • Satisfactory production capacity.
  • Take various tanning method though the employer
  • Excellent working area.
  • Excellent control capacity of internal management system.


  • There is insufficient Employer of HRD in tis company,
  • The employees of HR & Compliance department doing lots of work but Salary scale is not high.
  • The company gives only 2 bonuses to the employee which is very short as a renowned company.
  • There in no Transport facilities for the employees of company. The organization is not giving promotion to the employees in the right  time.


  • Growing and emerging markets in Asia,
  • Cash incentive in Export.
  • High Growth potential in West and North Bengal,
  • International exposure by set up sales very soon
  • Merger and acquisition of production facilities in overseas.
  • Rural market.


  • Increasing quality concerns from customers.
  • New competitors in the local market that gaining local market share.
  • High Price inviting more competition from local & overseas.
  • Entrance of major global Accessories manufacturer in Bangladesh.


I have seen some matter when I am working in Desire Technology Ltd. This is given below :

  1. In DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD graphical rating scale is used to evaluate the performance of the employees.
  2. Performance report is shared with the employees.
  3. Generally for the senior management the company uses external sources of recruitment.
  4. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD provided training to the employees to improve the skills of employees but all training are provided locally.
  5. More technical motivational tools are not used.
  6. Modern evaluation system such as 3600 feedback is absent in DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD.
  7. There is no formal Training need assessment (TNA) system in DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD.
  8. There is a lack of corporate culture in DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD.
  9. In DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD, HR planning is good but implementation of plan for all level is not good enough.
  10. Both internal and external sources of recruitment are used.
  11. There is a formal selection method in DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD the organizational objective is to choose the right person for the right job.
  12. Employees are not completely satisfy with their job although their salary is not good enough.
  13. The company follow the job training method by arranging workshop or seminar and encourage employee to participate in different seminar, workshop.
  14. Financial and non financial benefits are providing to the employees for retaining them.
  15. Sometimes employee get compensation for their death and injury which are maintain by the company for their employee.
  16. Shortage of technical equipment may arise dissatisfaction to the employees.


I have seen some problems in the company that I recommended here as a guidelines for achieving their goals and objectives.

  1. To increase the job satisfaction level of the employees the company should concentrate mainly on the incentives and reward structure rather than the motivational session.
  2. Company should give promotion to those employees who deserved it. It makes employees more satisfy.
  3. Some refreshment and entertaining and encouraging program for the employees not to fill over worked.
  4. HR department of this company should appoint sufficient number of employees.
  5. HR department should be developed.
  6. Production process will be on a regular basis.
  7. For motivation the employees profit share can be distributed to the employees. I think it will be good decision to profit share to all employees.
  8. They should introduce modern tools of selection for selecting the right persons.
  9. Selection the process should be fair.
  10. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD should develop corporate culture.
  11. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD should develop their training school with sufficient logistic supports.
  12. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD should introduce some very essential tools of motivation for the better motivation of employees such as PF, performance bonus, Gratuity etc.
  13. DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD can distribute a portion of profit such as 5% among the employees for more satisfaction.
  14. Company should give promotion to those employees who deserve it.


At last we can say that this new brand will bring a lot of light in the business and the competitive market of communication And Technologies business. The DESIRE TECHNOLOGY LTD. is really looking forward to spread out the business throughout the country and to make the threat for the existing companies very clear this will bring the ultimate benefit for the customers who are the main concern of the company. So the company is looking forward to make all the necessary adjustments done to start the promotional campaign of the brand fluently. So the company will soon capture the market share and they are going to be the market leader in a short period of time in Bangladesh.