DP Leonis – a Binary Star System

DP Leonis – a Binary Star System

The binary star system DP Leonis is located in the equatorial constellation of Leo. It is not part of the Leo constellation shape, but it is within its boundaries. It is a variable star with an apparent visual magnitude ranging from 17.5 to 19. The DP Leonis color is blue – white based on the star’s spectral type (AM Her). Based on parallax, the system is located roughly 990 light-years from the Sun. The star cannot be seen with the naked eye and must be viewed with a telescope.

DP Leonis is an A-lister. It is a cataclysmic variable star of the AM Herculis class, sometimes known as a polar. An eclipsing white dwarf and red dwarf in close orbit (almost 1.5 hours) are part of the system, as is an extrasolar planet. The Right Ascension (R.A.) and Declination (Dec.) of a star in the night sky are equivalent to Longitude and Latitude on Earth. P. Biermann and colleagues found this eclipsing variable in 1982 as the optical equivalent to the EINSTEIN X-ray source E1114+182.

The apparent magnitude of DP Leonis is 17.50, which is a measure of the star’s brightness as seen from Earth. Visual Magnitude is another name for Apparent Magnitude. Absolute Magnitude is the apparent magnitude of a star as seen from a distance of 10 parsecs (32.6 light years). This presupposes that there are no obstacles between the object and the observer, such as dust clouds. To truly compare the brightness of a star, utilize Absolute Magnitude rather than Apparent Magnitude.

Planetary system

A class DA star (DP Leo A) and an M5V star are part of the eclipsing binary DP Leonis (DP Leo) (DP Leo B). The DP Leo B star class is unknown, but they believe it is that class. The planet is a gas giant similar to Jupiter.

Qian et al. revealed the discovery of a third body of planetary mass orbiting the eclipsing binary system in 2010. The presence of a third body was suspected as early as 2002. The object is approximately 6 times the mass of Jupiter and is located 8.6 AU away from the binary.

The extrasolar planet DP Leonis b orbits the 17th magnitude star DP Leonis in the constellation Leo. This 6.28 MJ planet orbits two stars, a white dwarf and a red dwarf, at a distance of around 8.6 AU and with an unknown eccentricity.