Demand Curve: how to Double Conversions on your Startup’s Homepage

Demand Curve: how to Double Conversions on your Startup’s Homepage

In our work at Demand Curve and our agency Bell Curve we have rewritten more than 1000 websites for startups across most industries. Want to convert twice as many customers? Follow this copying technique.

The section of your homepage that will be immediately visible before a visitor starts scrolling is called “over the fold”. (Think of a print newspaper: everything above the literal fold on paper is the most important information)) When a visitor sees the content above the fold, they decide to either keep scrolling or exit your site. Second, try to determine what they will do and whether you are suitable for them.

The most common mistake we see startups make? Their “over the fold” is either disturbing or confusing. This often happens when marketers try to squeeze too much content into the fold. The truth is, most of the information on your website is irrelevant to new visitors. So the area above the fold should be used to explain how you can help new viewers solve a specific problem.

Demand Curve: how to Double Conversions on your Startup’s Homepage

For example, you’ll see a homepage that promotes new tech blog posts published by the company. However, it is not effective for any viewer who still does not understand what you are doing. To further confuse visitors, many companies add a wide navigation bar at the top of their site. Theoretically, this allows your visitors to easily access any part of your website. In practice, this leads to decision fatigue and short conversion rates.

What you do and whether you are suitable for that audience should be removed if the content does not directly help. There are three things you can do to improve your homepage conversion rate:

  • Design with intention.
  • Craft a sharp header.
  • Use a complementary subheader.

Your title is the largest text on your website. Below 10 words (about the longest we recommend) you need to edit three things in the title:

This is your most important price offer. If you can’t explain in less than 10 words how someone can get value from your product, it will be a challenge to keep the audience’s attention longer.