Define and Describe Promotion Mix

Define and Describe Promotion Mix

The Promotion Mix:

To inform, influence, and remain customers or general public popular use personal selling (Person-to person approach) and advertising, sales promotions, publicity (Non-personal approaches) .Popular are use all of these four elements for attracting customers. Because Popular thinks that every single option will carry weight and being customers. So Popular uses all of those four tools which is treated as Promotional Mix.


Since all types, customers are very much familiar with advertising and if the particular advertising is very much attractive the potential customer are more influenced. And usually Bangladeshi customers are emotional so any emotional TV advertising will create a place in the mind of customers which can be treated as positional for popular.

But advertising quite expensive ,especially using national media with immense audiences .But popular has found advertising to be cost effective because it can be reach a vast number of people at low cost per person and it is also quite flexible.

Popular uses different types of advertising e.g. primary–Demand Advertising, Selective Advertising, and Institutions Advertising .The reasons are that popular at first wants to create or increase demand for all its products. Like in a social awareness advertising, popular sponsor it and using its name for Courtesy only. They are not using specific their brand name here but to introduce their name to the potential customers. Not only has this popular also used their name advertisement in different media to selling the product more. Here popular introduces their product to the customers and try to sell it more. Popular also advertise used to build goodwill and create a favorable public image to the exiting as well as potential customers.

Popular using different types of media for advertising which ultimately help Share & Care to inform as well as influence the potential customer to buy their products. Those different types of media are:


Popular gives advertising to newspapers e.g. daily pothook alo with a view of different photo of the ongoing project. This is a very important media because customers with different status can be able to evaluate those products and after that they may be influenced to buy those products. Also people are very much enthusiastic to read newspapers. So this is an important media for Popular.

Direct Mail:

Popular also mail directly by collecting their prospective customer’s address by which they will read it directly and some of them will be interested to buy one of those products. This is important as well because customers directly get the mail and read it.


Magazines are also important media for Popular. They are giving advertisement in different relevant magazines with colorful photo which make the customers interested to buy the products.


Outdoor Display

Popular also using various billboards, posters and other outdoor displays, for making the potential customers more interested. They also use transit advertising.

·         Campaign:

In different fair, Popular always participate. Because in the fair more customers came and visit the stall and the percentage of sales usually grow up because at that time different types of discount, gifts provide to the customers.

·         Personal Selling:

Personal communication is oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale, so Popular Developers ltd build up a strong team for personal selling. Popular Developers ltd. personal presentation sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships. The Marketing people of Popular are devoting themselves to communicate person-to-person which means personal selling. They have made different zone for different people and specific persons visit those places, communicate with different potential customers, and persuade customers will purchase their products.

·         Sales Promotion:

Popular developer’s ltd declared sales incentive for kinds of sealer & it can stimulate quick increase in sales by targeting promotional incentive on particle products. Popular developer’s ltd. short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sales of their product or service. Popular developer’s ltd. also promoting their products while selling. They offer different sales promotion for the customers which make the customers more influenced for buying their products. They offer different types of promotional offers depending on situation and budget. The most common sales promoting methods are:




·         Public relation:

Popular developer’s ltd decided to make strong public relation as a new organization so they use magazine, newspaper those are the cheap way of reaching many customers. Popular developer’s ltd works for good relationship with its publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good corporate image and handling off unfavorable rumors, stories and events. It   an important part of sales promotion which help Popular to create and maintain a favorable public image for a firm. Different articles in magazines, newspapers etc. are given for public relations. Also captioned photographs usually use for public relation. Some time press conference held with different invited concerned persons. Popular expend lots of money for its publicity in one of the most important part of promoting of its products.

·         Direct Marketing:

One of the significant tasks the popular do is to establish direct connections with carefully targeted consumers to obtain and immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationship with help of Telephone, mail, fax, internet, and other tools.

Direct marketing is immediate and customized message can be prepared very quickly and can be tailored to appeal to specific customers.

Direct marketing is interactive .It allows dialog between the marketing team and consumer .Popular developers ltd. follows those media-

·         Direct response adverts on Magazine and Newspapers

·         Direct mail

·         Telemarketing

·         Catalogue marketing