Debate on Obstruction to Women’s Progression against Men

Debate on Obstruction to Women’s Progression against Men

Debate on Obstruction to Women’s Progression against Men

[This is a sample Debate speech on Obstruction to Women’s Progression against Men. Here focus on, what are the challenges that are faced by men and what are the hurdles that women face in their professional career. Customize the content according to the information you want to convey.]

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For instance, differences in unemployment rates between women and men in developed countries are relatively small. The barriers that women face in terms of advancement towards men are sickening. Women are treated like objects, and most women do not even come forward if they are harassed or assaulted in fear of ruining their family’s reputation, the fact that the police will not care, or they will blame the woman instead. (Describe in your words). Women even register lower unemployment rates than men in Eastern Europe and North America.

This is the sad state of affairs in our country. Women do not have equal opportunities in this country, and we are falling behind. Looking at women running businesses, the authors note that globally, four times as many men are working as employers than women in 2018. With the rise of feminism in other countries, we are still stuck in the same mindset that a woman should stay home and cook and clean. (describe all about the situation). Women get high-level degrees only to have them wasted because they are forced to work at home. For jobs, men are chosen as a preference for women. Extremely few women work in the parliament and government. (Describe some related example).

The worst part of it is, our superiors and authorities are actively participating in these horrible actions. They pay the police to turn a blind eye. Despite all the progress made, men still dominate positions of power. People with money are able to get away with harassing and assaulting women because their families’ are powerful. Men want employers to do more. This is a severe issue that must be investigated and exposed.

This is the kind of activism we need in our society; something that awakens a revolution among us. We cannot ignore issues that affect half of our population. (Describe your expectation regarding today’s program). Women gain from having flexible partners, too. I believe all humans want to leave a legacy behind, and this could be your legacy. Think about what you want, and think about what is right.