Daily Crunch Jio and Google set November 4 rollout for India’s $87 JioPhone Next

Daily Crunch Jio and Google set November 4 rollout for India’s $87 JioPhone Next

Subscribe to get a daily summary of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important articles sent to your email at 3 p.m. PDT. Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch for the 29th day of October 2021. We understand if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the week’s events. This week witnessed Facebook’s name change, Google and Samsung’s new hardware, Apple laptop reviews, Sequoia’s entire structure revamped, Big Tech profits, Ro problems, and eighty-eleven startup investment rounds and product introductions. Now that we have made it this far, let us recap the most important news from today and move straight into the weekend! — Alex

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon’s public cloud revenues totaled $45 billion in the third quarter, representing a $180 billion run rate. This statistic demonstrates how far the cloud has progressed in recent years, and it represents spending from a wide range of firms, both large and small, in the IT and non-tech sectors. In case you were interested in the impact of the chip scarcity on growth among the public cloud giants, TechCrunch went into it.

Trump’s social media network is already under jeopardy: When it was announced, it certainly derided. In addition, yep, pranksters got down to business quickly. The biggest danger to former US President Trump’s Truth Social offering is Mastodon, an open-source project you may not have heard of in a while. The social initiative “alleges that Truth Social is passing off open-source software as its own and has given them 30 days to correct this,” according to TechCrunch.

The heartland of the United States is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity: TechCrunch took the time today to examine data from the city of Denver, after our investigation into the greater Midwest startup sector in the United States. Startups in the Mile High City, like their regional counterparts, are raising massive sums of money. However, we discovered that Denver’s startup surge came after a lengthy period of major industrial players investing in the city’s local technology ecosystem. In addition, on a lighter note, Google’s collaboration with Jio to develop and market a low-cost smartphone in India is yielding hardware results.

Kurly aims for a $5.9 billion IPO: Grocery delivery can take several kinds. There are the “immediate” players, the two-hour delivery crew, and Kurly’s work in Korea, which involves bringing meals the next day. The slower strategy has not hurt the unicorn, which plans to go public next year with a valuation of roughly $6 billion.

Many celebrities are financing Arc, which creates a pretty slick, though pricey, electric boat. This is similar to how venture capitalists will continue to finance email firms in the hopes of finally fixing their personal communications issues. Given that the product is within their price range, it is no wonder that well-known celebrities-turned-investors Will Smith, Kevin Durant, and Diddy are supporting the firm. We will have to make do with a Matchbox version for now. Patreon wants to say yes to cryptocurrency: Patreon, a creator payment and content platform may join the cryptocurrency explosion. According to TechCrunch, the firm is investigating how cryptocurrency may interact with its creator-heavy user base.