Cheugiest Tech Moments of 2021

Cheugiest Tech Moments of 2021

In 2021, technology has gone a long way. MRNA vaccines are widely available, A space mission to deflect asteroids, a strong laptop with a highly polarizing notch. However, it is considerably simpler to recall the year’s most embarrassing incidents than it is to recall instances when we marveled at indoor farming robots. Take a ride on the choo-choo-cheugy train. This is not simply a collection of Elon Musk’s tweets from 2021.

The year’s biggest and most eye-wateringly silly rebrand is undisputed. Facebook, one of the most recognizable names in the world, changed its name to Meta to divert attention away from its unflaggingly bad decisions and the irreparable harm it has caused countless people and instead focus on the “metaverse,” which no one asked for and which no one wanted Facebook of all companies to lead on.

This year, Meta was not the only rebrand that turned teeth-grindingly Meta. We bring to you, readers… Block, formerly known as Square, was a small-business advocate known for his square-shaped card-swiping dongles (quant!). It is now taking a bite out of blockchain for its new moniker and identity; however, Block appears to be more than that. It also refers to block parties, construction codes, difficulties to overcome, and “of course, tungsten cubes,” according to the business.

(Scroll down for more cringe) Therefore, Jack, do not get your hopes up! H&R Block has already filed a trademark infringement suit against Square, claiming that the name, a block in its logo, and a green color scheme are all too close to home, given that H&R Block, best known for tax preparation, also sells accounting services to small businesses, mobile banking to consumers, and other fintech services, similar to Square’s… I am referring to Blocks. It is difficult to predict who will back down/move to live here first.

When he portrayed a doctor in the Gen Z Hospital spoof, Mr. Musk expressed it best: “You guys might want to sit down, what I have to say could be a bit cringe.” Elon may have duped a sizable portion of the world’s population of global fanboys seeking to make money off his back, but this would not hold water on Saturday Night Live. He is not an actor, and he is not very funny, so despite having the influence of being one of the world’s wealthiest men and a significant social media celebrity, his hosting of Saturday Night Live was… an arrogant, wooden, boring, awkward dud. You left wondering how he came to be in the spotlight in the first place and why (but then again, I wonder that about him most of the time).