Case Study on Benson’s Inc old Home Kitchens Division

Case Study on Benson’s Inc old Home Kitchens Division

Benson’s Inc has been a supplier of quality bakery products since 1918. Our president, Larry Benson, is the grandson of the company’s founder and represents the third generation of Bensons to guide the organization. We have made our reputation over the years through quality products that provide great value to the consumer.

Q: Should the old home kitchen division of Benson’s Inc, have undertaken a marketing research program? If so, who should have done the research? What role should the sales personnel have played in the research?

Ans:  According to the name of W. Howard Benson’s incorporation was established in Georgia. This company has diversified into three main divisions one is the Holsum bakery, motel enterprise and old home kitchens.

The old home kitchen division of Benson Inc. should have undertaken a marketing research program.

And this research should have taken by the sales manager Stoll of Benson’s or old home kitchens. They can do this research through conducting the researcher.

In this research the sales personnel have a vast role. They can provide the information about sales related such as product quality, distribution channel, and price etc variable to the researcher; through these variables the researcher can conduct what initiatives they have to take for the interest of the organization.

old home kitchen

Figure shows: outline of marketing research

According to the analyzing of above figure, Stoll should give a research proposal to the management after identifying the problem. In that research design will include data collection of primary and secondary data and also determined how many samples he will take should be determined. This research can be done by survey, experiment, Observation, secondary data collection, Focus group discussion etc. After collecting the data it should be analyzed and submit this research report to the management. From that report management should take decision what correction should be made for the interest of the organization.

 Case Study on Bensons Inc-Old Home Kitchens Division