Beta of the PS5 Firmware Update Invites Discord to the Event

Beta of the PS5 Firmware Update Invites Discord to the Event

The long-awaited integration of Discord is present in the new PS5 firmware update beta that Sony is now sending out. Unfortunately, the implementation doesn’t go quite as far as we’d hoped, only allowing you to participate in cross-platform party conversations by using the official app of the well-known social network. In order to communicate, you essentially need to link your PSN and Discord accounts. After that, you may start a voice conversation in either of the aforementioned applications.

Discord is an overdue and welcome addition in the current crossplay release climate, but we had anticipated that the Japanese giant would simplify the setup and fully incorporate it into the PS5’s operating system. In addition, we had discreetly hoped that Discord’s community features, like the ability to talk with other gamers and exchange screenshots, would also be available on consoles. There is currently no information about that, though.

Although this is the most prominent inclusion in the most recent firmware upgrade, there are other features as well. The option to filter Game Lists, request screen shares from your friends’ profiles, and even join games through Party Chats are some improvements to the quality of life. The expansion of VRR to 1440p screens will also be welcomed by players using monitors. We also appreciate that we may manually upload screenshots to the PS App.

Sony is also changing how data transfer functions. A new PS5 to PS5 transfer tool is being added, which is timely given the rumors of updated hardware with a removable disc drive. Additionally, a number of new prompts that access data from the PS Plus cloud and alert you when progress is available are making the process of transferring PS4 save data to PS5 much simpler. Other advancements in screen readers demonstrate the company’s dedication to accessibility.

Additionally, it is expanding the capability of the current voice command options in the UK and the USA especially. In the future, you’ll be able to use the phrases “Hey PlayStation, capture that” and “Hey PlayStation, start recording” to start and stop manually recording gameplay. Please take note that all of this technology is currently in beta and only available in English; Sony refers to it as a Voice Command Preview.

However, this sounds like a generally good beta update. Although we’re glad to see Discord incorporated at last, we’re a little surprised it’s taken this long given the integration’s shortcomings. Nevertheless, the PS5 experience will surely be enhanced by the pleasant quality-of-life upgrades, and that is generally a good thing.