Become A Grandmaster With These Chess Training Courses

Become A Grandmaster With These Chess Training Courses

If you work in your game of chess, you will probably prefer to train by a professional. You can learn all the clever tricks from the source by discovering ways to stay one-step ahead of your opponent’s game after game.

The problem is lessons can be quite expensive. Now, you can get access to those professionals without spending a ton of money (no need to go to class every week). Regardless of your current skill level or age, you can become a pro with The Ultimate Beginner to Grandmaster Chess Course Bundle. This basic discounted class pack will teach you everything you need to know to beat your opponents, from basic chess theory to advanced defense used by professionals.

The three versatile courses in this bundle really run the gamut. Case in sight: One of the 44-hour courses consists of 14 lessons, covering the Intel of the Chess Masters with Damian Lemos, Alyssa Melekhina and Anna Rudolph.

Learn to master the opening and fight to the last fight from playing the middle game like Grandmaster. You will learn all the ins and outs of the London system. There is another curricular pressure on the intermediate players ’curriculum through 49 hours of training from notable names like Simon Williams, Lawrence Trent and Marian Petrov.

Instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out specific tactics, you will learn how to attack when, as well as the secrets of positional chess. Once you get all of this you will move on to advanced chess strategy sessions, forcing you to hone your skills and adjust your thinking processes as well as prophylaxis, pattern recognition, and early steps.

Complete with detailed examples, this class pack will prepare you for success in your next match. If you are ready to climb to the top, this is the perfect place to start. Right now, you can get the final launch of the Grandmaster Chess Course Bundle at Grand $89.99 from the original MSRP at percentage 87%.