Bangladesh child Rearing Patterns

Bangladesh child Rearing Patterns

In Bangladesh child rearing patterns are varied. We will take a look here at parenthood and grand parenthood, adoption, dual income, single parent families, and step family.

Parenthood and grand parenthood : –

Parenthood is one of the most important roles in Bangladesh. There is little consensus on how parent can produce happy and well adjusted offspring or even on what it means to be well adjusted. For these reasons socialization for parenthood involves difficult challenges for most man and woman in Bangladesh. In 2000, 56 percent of man and 43 percent of woman ages 18 to 24 lived with there parents. Some of adult children are still pursuing an education, but in many instances, financial difficult lie at the heart of these living arrangement. Moreover, with many marriages now ending in divorce most commonly in the first seven year of marriage divorced sons and daughters are returning to live with their parent, sometime with their own children.

Adoption: –   

Adoption is a process that allows for the transfer of the legal right, responsibility and privileges of parenthood to a new legal parent or parents. Government has a strong interest in encouraging adoption. Adoption offers a stable family environment for children who otherwise might not receive satisfactory care. From a conflict perspective, however such financial considerations raise the ugly specter of adoption as a means through which affluent couples “buy “ the children of the poor. Adoption by relative is still the most common type of adoption in Bangladesh. In most a stepparent adopts the children of a spouse. For every child who is adopted many more remain the wards of state sponsored child sponsored child protective services.

Dual income families: –

The idea of a family consisting of a wage earning husband and wife who stays at home has largely given way to the dual income household. In this case parents remain busy with their work all time. As a result they can not take care of their children properly.

Single Parent Family:-

Single parent family in whice only one parent is parent to care for the children, can hardly be viewed as a rarity in Bangladesh. The lives of single parents and their children are not inevitabily more difficult than life in a traditional nuclear family. It is as inaccurate to assume that a two parent is always secure and happy.


There are many people who get marry, divorce and then remarry in  Bangladesh. The risingrates of divorce and remarriage have led a noticeavle increase in step family relationship. In fact standards may decline. Studies suggest that children raised in families with stepmother are likely to have less health care, education and money spent on their food than children raised by biological mothers.

Bangladesh child rearing patterns