Assignment on Social Responsibility Concerns of Business

Assignment on Social Responsibility Concerns of Business

Executive Summary:

Social responsibility is the deliberate effort of a firm to increase its positive impact on society while reducing its negative impact. Now a day social responsibility is very important mater in all kind of business. So firms are practice social responsibility in various ways. Dom-inno builder’s ltd. also maintaining strong social responsibility. They are practicing different roll for individual grope of society. They are giving first parity of there society. In short time of study we can realize that DOM_INNO  builders maintain all roles and regulation whatever given by government and REHAVE even they added some valuable ideas for make them different from others.


Now a day social responsibility is very important mater in all kind of business. So firms are practice social responsibility in various ways. Dom-inno builders ltd. also maintaining strong social responsibility. They are practicing different roll for individual grope of society. They are giving first parity of there society.

Objectives of the study:

  • To the meaning and importance of social responsibility.
  • To trace the evolution of the consumer movement and identify the rights of consumer.
  • To outline the responsibilities business firm have to employees.
  • To describe the impact of business decisions on the environment.
  • To explain the responsibility of a firms to their investors.

Company Profile

DOM-INNO Builders Ltd. is one of the leading real estate companies in Bangladesh. It specializes in developing exclusive apartment complexes in prime locations of the Dhaka city. DOM-INNO is also an active member of Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) and ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

DOM-INNO Builders Ltd. has become a trusted name in the real estate sector in Bangladesh. From its very inception, the company has won the confidence and goodwill of its clients achieving a yearly turnover of taka 500 million. Within a short span of time, DOM-INNO has grown into a renowned and dependable organization, building elegant, aesthetically pleasing structures that grace Dhaka as finest neighbourhoods.

Dom-Inno uses the highest quality building materials and finishing products to ensure durability and customer satisfaction. Main concentration of Dom-Inno has been in the prime, attractive locations of Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi, Uttara and Mid Town of Dhaka city, the emphasis being on sound construction and aesthetic design. In addition, Dom-Inno has tried to provide accommodations suitable for small families while creating scope for development of residential lands in the vicinity of the capital city. Efforts are underway to cater to the needs of clients in every market segment. The success of such a large construction company requires specialized labors and highly qualified professional backup and Dom-Inno has developed a strong team of such highly skilled, experienced professionals to work under its competent management. The company currently has fore hundred employees working, most of them being very qualified and experienced in their respective fields.

At present, Dom-Inno has Three Hundred and One (301) apartment building projects at hand in the most prestigious areas of the city such as Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi Uttara and Mid Town. One  Hundred Forty (140) completed apartment buildings have already been handed over to its clients.

Departments at Dom-Inno have reputation as a reliable real estate company that gives high priority to customer desire and needs, has been created through the hard work and dedication of its work force. Instead of just stressing on good academic qualification which is compulsory for the executive level employees, Dom­ Inno has selected its staff based on their intelligence, creativity and innovation!

1) Administration and Logistic – Dom-Inno has a professional & highly skilled Administration team to co-ordinate all departments of the company. Adequate number of security guards working round the clock to ensure the security of the residents of each apartment building. Logistical services include repair maintenance facilities such as plumbing and prompt troubleshooting. Permanent maintenance personnel ensure that the apartments are in good condition.

2) Accounts and Finance – Dom-Inno has an experienced team in this department headed by senior most cost and management accounting professionals of Bangladesh.

4) Sales, Marketing and Customer Service – One of the strongest point of Dom-Inno is it efficient Customer Service Department. This department gives personal attention to each client and is known for the prompt, effective action. A warm, friendly atmosphere is created for the client who can make purchase decisions at his/her pace without feeling pressurized.

5) Engineering & Design -Dom-Inno has developed in house design team for architectural, structural, planning & electrical design. Dom-Inno has one hundred engineers in construction and development team in addition to its Quality Control, Monitoring & Evaluation and Construction management personnel with many senior level professionals, engineers, architects, planners trained at home and abroad and eminent personalities of the country

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General Feature & Amenities


  • Building will be planned and designed by professional Architects and structural design Engineers.
  • For all service connections and disposals (sewerage, solid waste, etc.) British/American/BNBC building codes will be followed.
  • Structural design parameters will be based of American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) and BNBC codes.
  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition will be analyzed from laboratory.
  • Building will be comprised of reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C) foundation, column, beam and slab considering systematic and wind effect with modern design concept.
  • Comprehensive checking and testing of all steel reinforcement will be conducted by professional design and supervising engineers.
  • All structural materials including steel (60 grade deformed / tore steel bar), cement (Scan, Cemex, Holcim, King Brand, SKS etc.), bricks (1St class), Sylhet sand, etc, will be of highest available standard.
  • For concrete works to give crushing strengths of 2500 psi to 4000 psi (cyl.test) at 28 days depending on concrete ratio & design.


Building Entrance :
•  Secured deorative MS gate with lamp as per the elevation & perspective of the building.
•  Functional Comfortable Drive-way with pavement Tiles.
•  Reserved Car parking
•  Attractive Apartment Logos.
•  Guard post with adequate lighting.
•  Drivers Rest Room with Toilet facilities.

Reception Lobby:
•  Impressive reception desk with Tiles/marble finished.
•  Tiled floor in reception area.
•  PABX/Intercom system connected with each apartment.
•  Separate Mailbox for each apartment.


Lift, Lobbies & Staircases:
•  Imported Passenger Lift of Europe/Korea origin of required capacity.
•  Spacious lift lobby in each floor.
•  Floor tiles in all lift lobbies and staircase with proper lighting system

Roof Top:
•  Roof top garden.
•  Clothe drying area.
•  Community space with kitchen and toilet.
•  Protective Parapet wall.
•  Adequate Sitting arrangements in roof top .

Painting and Polishing:
•  Internal walls & ceiling – Plastic emulsion paint (Berger/Elite) of soft color.
•  Grilles & railings – Synthetic Enamel Paint (Berger/Elite)
•  Exterior walls – Weather Paint (Berger/Elite)
•  Boundary walls – Weather Paint (Berger/Elite)
•  Boundary Gate(s) – Spray finish with duco paint.
•  Ground Floor Columns – Column protective metal corners painted with synthetic enamel paint (Berger/Elite).

Apartment layout:
•  The total layout has been thoughtfully arranged to maximize advantages, specially in relation to the day light from all sides and cross – ventilation throughout. Spreading the layout from end to end. The master has emphasized privacy and second bed rooms have been located away from the guest. All rooms can take advantage of both the winter sunlight and cool summer breeze.

Living Rooms:
•  The living room and formal dinning are large enough for parties. A unique atmosphere of elegance instantly dominates the living areas.

Bed Rooms:
•  Spacious sizes with white mosaic floors and tinted glass windows in aluminum make every bedroom a place of relaxation. The main bedrooms each have conveniently attached dressing rooms that lead to attractive Baths.

•  The kitchens are beautifully designed luxuries with marble worktops and stainless still sinks. Wall and floor tiles in colored ceramics complement the traditional styling. The kitchen has been expertly designed to take most appliances. Cabinet shutters are optional to suit the choice.

•  Comfortable adequately sized balconies are strategically located. These have both aesthetic and functional values.


Main Apartment Features:

  • Solid Teak Decorative / Imported Main Door with
    a) Door Chain
    b) Cheek Viewer
    C) Calling Bell Switch
    d) Solid Brass Door Knocker
    e) Apartment Number in brass
  • All doorframes will be Teak Chambal.
  • Mortice Lock in all doors.
  • All Verandah Doors with outer-side Water Proof laminated (Partex).
  • Floors finished with homogeneous imported Tiles/ RAK Tiles/ white cast-in-Situ Mosaic.
  • Smooth Finished Plastic Paints on walls and ceiling in Soft Colors.
  • Internal Doors of Strong and Durable Veneer Flash Door Shutters with French polish.
  • Telephone and cable TV Line Provision.
  • Two Telephone Connections points in Master Bedroom and Living Room.
  • Intercom with connection to Concierge Desk.
  • MK Type Electric Switches, Plug Points and Other Fittings.
  • Electric Distribution Box with circuit Breaker in suitable Place.
  • Two Emergency light, Two Fan Points each Apartment.
  • All power Outlets with earthing Connection.
  • Provision for Air conditioners in master Bedrooms and Living Area.
  • Verandahs with suitable Light Points.

Bathroom Features:

  • All Bathrooms with inner-side Waterproof / Laminated Doors.
  • Imported / RAK / Equivalent Quality Sanitary Wears Manufactured in Bangladesh by foreign Companies.
  • Cabinet Basin in master Bath.
  • Working Platform will be Tiles / Marble / Granite finished.
  • Imported / RAK / Equivalent Quality Full Height Tiles in Bathrooms i.e. up to false ceiling height.
  • Imported / RAK / Equivalent Quality Floor Tiles in Bathrooms.
  • All Mirrors in Bathrooms with over head lamps.
  • Imported / Equivalent Quality Local Made Bath room Fittings.
  • One Bath tub in Master Bathroom with mixer. Titled Floor and wall up to 5 feet in maid bath with Long Pan, Shower and Lowdown.
  • Storage space over toilets.
  • Separate points for Geysers.

Kitchen Features:

  • Impressively designed Platform with Marble / Granite Worktop.
  • Double Burner Gas Outlet.
  • Imported / RAK I Equivalent Quality wall Tiles.
  • Imported / RAK / Equivalent Quality Floor Tiles.
  • Hot and Cold Water Lines.
  • One Imported Stainless single-bowl Counter-Top Steel Sink with Mixer.
  • Suitably Located Exhaust fan.


  • Aluminum Sliding Windows, mohair lining and rain water barrier (mosquito net provision) in aluminum section as per Architectural Design of the Building.
  • Clear glass (5mm Thickness).
  • Safety Grills in all windows with matching enamel paint.
  • Safety grills in Verandahs (Except front Verandahs).



Utility Connections:
•  3-Phase main power supply to the building from available source of concerned
authority (DESA/DESCO).
•  Main water supply and sewerage connections from available source of concerned authority (WASA)
•  Gas pipeline connection from available source of concerned authority (Titas Gas T & D Co. Ltd.)
•  Separate billing system for each apartment according to the individual meter.
•  Individual Double Burner Gas connection.

Other inclusions:
•  Lime terracing in roof top to protect from overheating.
•  Parapet wall of adequate height in rooftop.
•  Under ground and roof top water reservoir for 3 days water storage.
•  Good quality water pump.
•  One Standby Generator and transformer of adequate capacity.
•  Three Emergency Lights and Two Fan Points in each apartment.
•  Emergency Electric supply through Generator for common space, stairs and operating lift.
•  Termite protection treatment in Ground Floor.
•  Garbage disposal regulated by Owner’s Co-operative Society.
•  Sewerage System planned for long time requirement.

Social Responsibility :

Business firms conduct activities to produce goods and services and generate profit. These activities greatly affect our society. Social responsibility is the awareness that business activities have an impact on society, and the consideration of that impact by firms decision making. Besides emphasizing profit, firms concerned with social responsibility voluntarily engage in activities that benefit society. Many for instance take an active role in rebuilding our public education system. A socially responsible firm makes deliberate regular efforts to increase its positive impact in society while reducing its negative impact.


                         Social Responsibility Concerns of Business:




     Employees   Business activities       Environment





Consumers rights

 Activities of individuals, groups and organization aimed at protecting consumer rights.

  • Right to safety
  • Right to be informed
  • Right to choose
  • Right to be heard


Right to safety:

The most basic consumer’s right is the rights to products that are safe to process and use. To fulfill this consumer right DOM-INNO builders Ltd do so many things. We do use best quality land, iron, cement, bricks, and other materials whatever need to build a house. We not only use the best quality we also maintain accurate measurement of materials. Even Buildings were planned and designed by professional Architects and structural design Engineers.

 Right to be informed:

Consumers have the right to receive information available about a product before thy purchase it. For ensure this customer right we provide all information to our customer by (advertising and assistance)  whatever they want to know about our product. We also provide all rules and regulation they have to maintain if they dell with our company.


Right to choose:

Consumers have the right to choose and make purchases from a variety of products at competitive price. For maintain this objective  DOM- INNO make different size of product and it also offer there customer in very fair price.


Right to be heard:

Consumers also have the right to have their opinion considered in the  formation of government policies and in business firms decisions that affect them. For heard the consumer opinion we have consumer affairs department. Alloys we try to show respect to our customer and make the house according to our customer demand because we believe that to fulfill customer needs is our business.

Responsibility to employees:

like consumers employees hold expectation of business firm. They expect safe working conditions fair compensation equal opportunities and adequate benefits. To show the responsibility to employee DOM-INNO maintain given criteria.

  • Safety  in the work place
  • Equality in the workplace
  • The haed-core unemployed

Safety in the workplace:

According to the low every company must have to ensure occupational safety and health. Charged with the  primary purpose of ensuring safe working condition . our company maintain government rules and regulation we also provide free  medical service if any employee do accident or suffering dirges in workplace.

Equality in the workplace:

Act of 1964 guarantees equal employment opportunity for all people regardless of age, race, sex, religion, on national origin. DOM-INNO Ltd, don’t show or give priority in sex, religion, or nation. We  do equal employment policy. Where we give opportunity  or hair that persons thus  are perfect or deserve to work in our company according to our standard .

The hard core unemployment:

Although DOM-INNO ltd maintain equal employment policy they take or arrange 2% cota  for disable people only for official work.

Responsibility to the environment:

The public is concerned with the impact of business decision and action on ecology and the environment in the around the world. Earth day 1990 raised public concern for the environment to a new level and began what many people believe will be the decade of the environment.

One vital environmental concern is pollution the contamination of water, air, land.

Water pollution:

Water pollution is caused by the dumping of toxic chemical, sewage, and garbage into rivers and streams. Toxins and pollutants form buried industrial waste can also find their way into underground water supplies. A recent concern is the liberal use of agricultural fertilizer and pesticides.  As we are the builders company we are not toxic chemicals or any other chemicals. What we doing we are not building any apartment or house near the river and don’t dump any west in the river.

Air pollution:

Air pollution is caused by carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that comes from motor vehicles and by smoke and other pollutants from manufacturing plants. According  to concern of air pollution we are not directly related to air pollution. But our company indirectly related with air pollution. For save this natural assets our company start making bricks    there won self and our company vehicles  are not using  oil we are using CNG .


Land pollution:

Land pollution result from strip mining of coal and minerals, forest fires, garbage disposal and dumping of industrial water including chemical and medical supplies such as used hypodermic needles. Land pollution often results in water pollution because toxic wastes drain into water supplies. As DOM-INNO is builders company it is directly related with the land in concern of land pollution DOM-INNO maintain RUJK rules and regulation.

Responsibility of Investor:

Business farm also have a responsibility to the people who invest money in them. Many investment-related abuses have come to light in recent years. The public, government regulatory agencies and many business leaders are concerned with problems such as the mishandling of investor funds insider trading of stocks and excessive compensation of executives. Those responsibility DOM-INNO do for their investment.

  • Proper Management of fund
  • Access TO information

Proper Management of fund:

Firms have a responsibility to manage fund properly so as to return a fair profit to investors. For proper management of fund Dom-Inno Ltd, have got a vary skill finance management tem this tem look after all investment, thy are working so efficiently so that doom-inno is earning profit and making there investor happy.

Access TO information:

Farms have the responsibility to make stock information available to all potential investors. At present Dom-inno ltd. dot have any stock in share market but it have a plan to go in share market in future. But in every year we are publishing annul report for general public by home thy can get our financial position very easily.

End words:  .  Social responsibility is the deliberate effort of a firm to increase its positive impact on society while reducing its negative impact. Now a day social responsibility is very important mater in all kind of business. Dom-Inno builders ltd maintain social responsibility very strongly .