Assignment on Policy Implication to Improve the Marketing Systems

Assignment on Policy Implication to Improve the Marketing Systems

The following measures could be taken by the concerned authorities for making Policy and Marketing Implications to insure the efficient marketing programs for GACO pharmaceuticals:

  1. Improve the product packaging to attract the customer.
  2. Try to reduce non productive cost to reduce the cost of production of Pharmaceutical products
  3.  Increase the number of sales force to attract the new customer.
  4. Insure product availability by efficient delivery system.
  5. Overall promotional campaign should reassess and take necessary steps.
  6. Insure product availability in spite of short supply of raw materials.
  7. Marketing knowledge of field force should increase by providing adequate training.
  8. To increase more participation in selective trade shows in home markets as well as foreign markets.
  9. GACO pharmaceuticals should identify the competitors’ strategy and take necessary action accordingly.
  10. Design special package for Internee doctor to capture the future friends.


In the modern world, Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical industry plays a vital role. For pharmaceutical company there are some limitations on product promotion through the mass media, such as radio, TV and/or News paper. Thus, the total marketing system depends on marketing team.

This internship report presents the findings of the study conducted on GACO Pharmaceuticals to examine the marketing system.

  • This study reveals that GACO Pharmaceuticals products are consumed allover the country. They try to maintain the quality of the products to cope with the existing competition.
  • With better health care as its objectives, they set reasonable price of their product to enhance their sales and for the convenience of the customer.
  • They follow all possible distribution channels to make their product available to their customer.
  • The study suggest that the company providing the skill, materials and marketing powers that allows the users getting the opportunities to get quality  health care products.
  • The study also suggest that the GACO should be increased by which they provide promotional better service in the field of health care.
  • GACO Pharmaceuticals is committed to produce the highest standard of ethical drugs. From the study we find that GACO Pharmaceuticals provides some essential drugs to the poor class people in lump sum price. They are socially responsible, and practice ethical values.
  • GACO Pharmaceuticals has a reputation in helping the unemployed skilled people through providing some jobs.
  • In the study it has appeared that GACO Pharmaceuticals is facing some minor marketing problems. So to overcome these problems GACO Pharmaceuticals will be extending their business rapidly.