Assignment on Maternity and Child Health Training Institute

Assignment on Maternity and Child Health Training Institute

Aims and objectives of the Organogram:

  • To render services to mother and children to reduce mortality and morbidity of this vulnerable group especially belonging to the poor and underprivileged section of the society.
  • Promotion of health and nutrition of children and mother through services, training and research.

Existing resources:

  1. It is 173-beded hospital, out of which 57 for the children and 116 for mother.
  2. Two post operative ward with 12 beds.
  3. It has sophisticated neonatal ward
  4. It has got trained medical personnel.

Institute at a Glance:

Name of the Institution:Maternity and child Health Training Institute, Azimpur, Dhaka.
Location:Azimpur, Dhaka-1205.
Type of organization:Government
Date of establishment:1953
Date of visit:12.06.04


A. Outdoor services:

  1. Antenatal care services-such as health checkup, iron tablet, advices.
  2. Post natal care and services also available here
  3. All types of contraceptive methods are available here
  4. Children of 0-14 years get health care support for curative care special neonatal ward and pediatric ward are provided.
  5. Pathological test facilities-Important pathological tests for mother and children are also present in this centre at low cost.

B.      Indoor services:

  1. Delivery, cesarean section done here at minimum cost.
  2. Children of 0-5 years age are provided with indoor services if required.
  3. For neonate there is special unit for management of neonatal jaundice, low birth weight, and neonatal septicaemia.

C.      Training Services:

Community midwifery-6 months course

Paramedic’s training-1year

Besides, Government doctor’s and nurses are trained here. Training classes held for about health of mother and children, breast feeding etc. Husbands or other relatives accompanying the pregnant mother are also trained about the care needed for a pregnant mother in a family.


Services of this Institute never went below target of delivers services.

  1. each month to at least 300 mother’s and children
  2. 450-500 delivery is held monthly
  3. 200-250 cesarean section done monthly


  1. Emergency services may not be reliable due to lack at manpower and equipment.
  2. Space is much short is relation to need.
  3. Lack of aimed medical personnel for sophisticated neonatal care.
  4. Financial support is also less.

Personal observation:

Cordial behavior and sincerity in duty of all medical and non medical personnel’s of this institute has compensated the lacks of this organization more or less. Cleanliness of the hospital is praiseworthy. Their specialized unit and emergency services are mentionable.


As a third world country, mother and children are most vulnerable group in Bangladesh. In this field of vulnerability an institute like MCHTI has gone a long way in reducing maternal and child mortality. For its smooth function all the support should be necessary.