Assaying the Advertising Effectiveness Square Consumer Products

Assaying the Advertising Effectiveness Square Consumer Products


Advertising ensures brand and product awareness to be heightened, gaining customer recognition and acceptance of brand value of the business organization. It is a form of communication intended to persuade the audience to make purchase decision. Square Consumer Products Ltd with its effective advertising is able to create its unique brand value in the mind of the customer. This study reveals the fundamental role advertising plays in building the emblem of Square Consumer Products Ltd as a successful aboriginal food manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to deliver superior quality products with preferred customer services.

Statement of the problem:

The need for an effective promotion strategy which can adequately transmit the intrinsic brand value of Square Consumer Products Ltd to its esteemed customers instigates this study.

Purpose of the study:

The purpose of the study is to analyse the effectiveness of the advertising Square Consumer Products Ltd has availed to its preferred customer, by assessing the customer responses. Due to the fact that advertising is an integral part of marketing communication, it is necessary to continually study this phenomenon, in an effort to determine the Customer’s Perception Level to expand and leverage the product in today’s lucrative market.

Significance of the study:

A major motivation for an effective advertising strategy is to connect with the consumers and create a desire for purchase. The advertising activities facilitate the emotional connection consumers feel to transfer into the buying behaviour of the products. Consequently the purchase decision generates Return on Investment. ROI is an imperative goal for an advertising tool because it means that the marketing message has not only reached the target audience, but the funds invested to produce the message have returned a profit.

Thus it is important to assay the consumer responses to gain insight into what advertising entail and how Square Consumer Products Ltd can employ those activities in order to become more customer focused.


The report on Assaying Advertising Effectiveness of Square Consumer Products Limited evoked as a part of completion of the internship program. I, Fariha Sarwardy, have completed my Bachelor in Business Administration from International University of Business Agriculture And Technology. I got the opportunity to work as an internee in Square Consumer Products Limited. For a business student with marketing major it was really worthwhile and interesting to be involved in conducting this study. Assessing the effectiveness of advertising activities provides an inner vision on marketing in today’s market. I have gained a great deal of knowledge concerning the internal workings of SCPL


Square Consumer Products Limited seek to generate increased consumption of the products through advertising, which involves the repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate related qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers. Further, to decide upon the best way to leverage the advertising to maximize the Return on Investment, it is rational to know how effective the advertisements are. Assessing the consumer responses help to balance the various forms of the advertising to not only create an integrated approach to the marketing communications but also devote business to be successful. Thus it is absolutely rational to study on the effectiveness of advertising of Square Consumer Products Limited.

Literature Review:

Measuring Effectiveness of Advertising:

In the field of advertising research the design allows researchers to study a targeted population and identify the changes that advertising produces among those with proved awareness of the advertising as compared to the changes that occur among those who are not aware of the advertising.

In the 1990s, the Ameritest Picture Sorts shifted the frame of measurement from clock time (the dial-a-meter approach) to the “subjective time” of experience which is tied to the rate of information flow in the film, or the ad’s visual complexity. Respondents rate a Picture Sort image only when the mood, message, or image changes significantly. The data results are clear, easy to understand, and visually appealing. (Young, p. 23) Ameritest Flow of Emotion Graph can be seen in The Advertising Research Handbook, (Young, p. 202)

In addition, with a set of moment-by-moment measures in three dimensions:

  • Flow of Attention , which measures the memorability of each moment
  • Flow of Emotion, which measures the positive or negative emotional response to each moment
  • Flow of Meaning, which measures how well the brand’s strategic values are being communicated in each moment.

AIDA is an acronym used in marketing that describes a common list of events that may be undergone when a person is selling a product or service. The term and approach are attributed to American advertising and sales pioneer, E. St. Elmo Lewis. In 1898 Lewis created his AIDA funnel model on customer studies in the US life insurance market to explain the mechanisms of personal selling.

Lewis held that the most successful salespeople followed a hierarchical, four layer process using the four cognitive phases that buyers follow when accepting a new idea or purchasing a new product.

A – Attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the customer.

I – Interest: raise customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits (instead of focusing on features, as in traditional advertising).

D – Desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs.

A – Action: lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing.

Ad tracking, also known as post-testing or ad effectiveness tracking is in-market research that monitors a brand’s performance including brand and advertising awareness, product trial and usage, and attitudes about the brand versus their competition.

Some ad tracking studies are conducted continuously and others are conducted at specific points in time (typically before the advertising appears in market, and then again after the advertising has been running for some period of time). The two approaches use different types of analyses, although both start by measuring advertising awareness. Typically, the respondent is either shown a brief portion of a commercial or a few memorable still images from the TV ad. Other media typically are cued using either branded or de-branded visual of the ad


Broad objectives:

The major intent of this study is to ascertain the consumer response to evaluate the effectiveness and efficacy of advertising activities of Square Consumer Products Limited.

Specific objectives:

  • To identify the Familiarity of the brand image of Square Consumer Products Limited
  • To identify the Popularity of the Television Advertisement of Square Consumer Products Limited
  • To identify the Audience Preference for TV Advertisement of Radhuni Brand of SCPL
  • To identify the Audience Preference for TV Advertisement of Ruchi Brand of SCPL
  • To identify the level of awareness of the advertisement (Radhuni Mustard Oil, Radhuni Powdered Spice, Ruchi Jhal Chanachur, Ruchi BBQ Chanachur) among the audience
  • To identify the memorability of the advertisement(Radhuni Mustard Oil, Radhuni Powdered Spice, Ruchi Jhal Chanachur, Ruchi BBQ Chanachur) among the audience
  • To identify the comprehending ability  of the advertisement(Radhuni Mustard Oil, Radhuni Powdered Spice, Ruchi Jhal Chanachur, Ruchi BBQ Chanachur) among the audience
  • To identify the relevancy of the advertisement (Radhuni Mustard Oil, Radhuni Powdered Spice, Ruchi Jhal Chanachur, Ruchi BBQ Chanachur) to raise the audience interest.
  • To identify the benefits of product demonstrated through the advertisement (Radhuni Mustard Oil, Radhuni Powdered Spice, Ruchi Jhal Chanachur, Ruchi BBQ Chanachur)
  • To identify the effect of advertisement(Radhuni Mustard Oil, Radhuni Powdered Spice, Ruchi Jhal Chanachur, Ruchi BBQ Chanachur) in motivating the audience to make the purchase decision
  • To identify the effect on its promotion by word-of-mouth. in motivating the audience
  • To identify the effect a TV program with direct involvement of the female customers of Radhuni products as an effective promotion tool for Radhuni Brand
  • To identify the effect Sponsorship for Music Concert for youngsters as an effective promotion tool for Ruchi Brand

scope of the study:

This study deals with the Square Consumer Product Ltd in the context of Bangladesh. This project will also focus on different aspects of advertising implemented by Square Consumer Product Ltd. The study encompasses a period of beginning to present.


Prepare proposal by                     27th February

Complete literature review by    15th March

Complete fieldwork by               30th March

Complete analysis by                  15th April

Complete final report by             30th April


Time constraint of the semester for the study may be unsupportive for the research.  By being in the organisation for only few hours a week, there are confines to be aspect of organisational culture and team communication. Being an outsider may also limit what is revealed to me

Company Background:  

Square Consumer Products Ltd. introduce itself in 2001 as a member of SQUARE Group of Companies, a leading corporate house in Bangladesh engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, toiletries, consumer goods, textiles, spinning, knitting, packaging, etc. For its obsession of quality management, the company had obtained the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000 in 2005. Strong commitment to quality, adoption of advantage technology, stress on human resource development, focus on continuous improvement and introduction of new products for the growing markets has given the company a decisive position in the industry.

Square Consumer Products Ltd has introduced three popular brands in the market namely Radhuni, Ruchi and Chashi. Radhuni is the flagship brand of the company. Just after its introduction, Radhuni drew the attention of housewives who demanded convenience and time saving cooking. The product range of Radhuni is enriched with basic spices, mixed spices, cereals and pulse based products, edible oil and dairy. On the other hand, Ruchi is providing ready-to-eat snacks like Chanachur, fried Dal, and Banana chips, Jhuribhaja, Coated Peanut, Chutney, Pickles and Honey. Ruchi has won the heart of the youngsters for its remixed taste, innovative and ground- breaking products.

The company assures to meet the increasing demand for quality products both at home and abroad. The products with international standards are being exported in more than 21 countries. Dedication to quality, innovative products, customer service and competitive price has given the company a unique position in the food market.

Mission Statement:  

Square Consumer Products Ltd wants to be the world class food products manufacturer in Bangladesh by ensuring intrinsic quality products and customer service with motivated employees.

The objective of SCPL is to continue to provide the very best of what the consumer wants, explore new segments of market, identify what the consumer needs and providing it to them, continue to assure intrinsic quality of hygienic food products with authentic taste, enhance customers’ standard of food habit, expand distribution network to make the products available at customers’ doorsteps and thus enhance the strength and skill of the organization that will contribute to company’s increasing growth both in domestic and global markets.

Current Product Range & Its Advertising:     

Powdered Spices:

Radhuni Powdered Spices are made from selected variety or crops and seeds. All essential volatile oils of the spices are kept intact with the modern grinding technology. The Powdered Spices ensure the taste and flavour of home grinded spices and can be used to prepare any of the desired dishes.

Radhuni Powdered Spices has already owned the clear leadership in Bangladesh. Best varieties of quality raw materials are selected from the grower level strictly maintaining international quality standards. All essential volatile oils of the spices are kept intact with the fully equipped German grinding technology. Our Powdered Spices ensure the taste and flavour of home grinded quality spices.

Variants of Radhuni Powdered Spice:


Radhuni powdered Chilli is vivid in colour, precious in flavour. Best variety of red chilli provides more hotness.


Apart from having excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it has a brilliant golden yellow colour.


Providing a fragrant flavour Radhuni Powdered Coriander is high in food value.


Radhuni cumin powder is prepared from selected upgraded cumin to ensure fresh aroma and real taste of cumin.

Ginger powder:  

Made from the hand-picked best gingers, Radhuni ginger Powder has all the food qualities intact and adds much to the taste of the menu.

Advertisement for Radhuni Powdered Spice:

Radhuni Meat Curry Masala:  

Radhuni Meat Curry Masala is rich mixed spices using ingredients like chilli, turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek etc to get the authentic taste of meat curry. This product is used as a complete spice for all kinds of meat cooking.

Radhuni Fish Curry Masala:  

Radhuni Fish Curry Masala is a mixture of spices to get traditional taste of fish curry. Any kind of fish can be cooked with this spice.

Radhuni Garam Masala:

Radhuni Garam Masala is grind from various kinds of exotic Spices like Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Black Pepper, Mace, Nutmeg, Bay leaf. Also, the essential oils and the precious flavour are carefully retained.

Borhani Masala:

Radhuni Haleem Mix:

Haleem is a traditional, high-protein cereal-based mouth-watering food that is cooked with meat. Radhuni Haleem Mix is an easy-to-prepare tasteful, nutritious food with spices. Easy to prepare tasteful Radhuni Haleem Mix is a traditional ethnic, high-protein, nutritious and cereal -based food with spices.

Radhuni Chatpati Masala:

Blend of different spices makes the preparation easy, flavoured and tasty.

 Radhuni Biryani Masla:

Specially made mixed spices for mutton, beef and chicken biryani. The mixing of different spices maintains the standard recipe to prepare delicious Biryani.

Radhuni Panch Foron (Five Mixed Whole Spices):

Radhuni Panch foron is a mixture of different spices like cumin, black cumin, aniseed, fenugreek and mustard. It is used especially for preparing dishes like vegetable curry, fish curry, pickles, Chatni etc.

Radhuni Kheer Mix:

Radhuni Kheer Mix is a ready-to-cook nutritious food that contains carbohydrate, protein, fat and minerals. Its core ingredients are automatic rice, milk, sugar and peanuts. It can be garnished with cashew nuts, pistachio, dried grape (locally known as kismis); etc.Kheer is very suitable as snacks and dessert.

Radhuni Kasundi:                

Kasundi is a protein-rich spicy product manufactured from mustard seed as the main ingredient. This product is used as a condiment and taste enhancer. It is highly used with green mango, with nearly all types of fried foods, rice and vegetables. It stimulates appetite and digestion and clears the sinuses. Its sharp flavour is an essential component of many salad dressings and sauce.

Radhuni Pure Mustard Oil   

Radhuni Pure Mustard Oil is manufactured from graded mustard seeds and refined in an automatic plant in modern seven layer purifiers. It’s a great source of energy and vital micronutrients. Having the original taste of edifying spiller (locally known as ghani); Radhuni Pure Mustard Oil is made of the best quality local mustard seeds. It is enriched with unique pungency of pure mustard. It contains good amount of mono-unsaturated fatty acid, which helps reducing bad cholesterol. No artificial colour, flavour or chemical substance is added. Mustard Oil is being used in different kinds of kneaded spicy vegetable, fish and meat.

Ruchi Chips:

To get the real teste of tomato, chicken, shrimp & pizza from chips, Ruchi is the best option. Ruchi Chips is produced from high quality raw materials in a highly hygienic condition using best technology in the industry imported from Japan. Shrimp seasoned sticks contain carbohydrate, minerals, and tomato, chicken and pizza seasoned contain hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) and essential minerals which help to meet the nutritional requirements of growing children and adults.

Ruchi Fried Dal: 

It is hygienically produced from selected Mung Dal. It is always crispy, tasty & spicy. Its modern packaging ensures its longer shelf-life.

Ruchi Chanachur:

RUCHI Chanachur is of ethnic taste and crispy. This is hygienically produced and enriched with different ingredients like Rice flakes, Peanut, Lentils, Split Chickpeas, Mung Dal etc. with mouth watering seasoning.

Two variants are available like-

  • Ruchi BBQ Chanachur
  • Ruchi Chanachur-Hot