Annual Report 2004 of National Bank of Pakistan

It is a broadly described annual report of National Bank of Pakistan in the year of 2004. During the financial year, The Bank’s Total assets for the year ended stood at Rs. 550 billion an increase of Rs. 81 billion. Deposits increased by Rs. 70 billion to Rs. 466 billion. The Bank’s paid up Capital increased to Rs. 4.924 Billion. Net interest income by Rs. 1,671 million (13%) through growth in the loan portfolio which increased by Rs. 60 billion (37%). Net Profit before taxation for the year 2004 Rs. 12,025.158 million. After Tax Profit for the year 2004 Rs. 6,242.929 million. After-tax earnings per share for the year 2004 is Rs. 12.68.

The Board of Directors of the Bank has recommended a Cash Dividend @15% and Bonus Shares @20% for the year ended 31st December 2004.