Advertising Campaign of Robi Axiata Limited

Advertising Campaign of Robi Axiata Limited

Internship is such a program which makes a student experiences the corporate life for the first time. I was assigned as intern in Channel operation department under Market Operation Division. I did my report on Advertising campaign of Robi Axiata Limited on Ghachang Flat Rate of Robi Axiata Limited.


Telecommunication is communication at a distance by technological means, particularly through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies. The change of Bangladesh’s telecommunications sector began with small steps in 1989 with the issuance of a license to a private operator. Bangladesh was the first South Asian country to adopt cellular technology back in 1993 by introducing Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS).

Though the license was issued back in 1989 but it took several years to launch the services. The network coverage and number of subscribers had remained very limited due to the higher SIM card/ Subscription price and also the call tariff was expensive. In 1996, government led by Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina, awarded three GSM licenses because the market was very much monopolistic due to which the Subscription price and also the call tariff was high, thus leading the cellular technology affordable to the mass people. The incentives both from government and public sectors have helped to grow this sector. It is now one of the biggest sectors of Bangladesh. As a populous country, its huge market has attracted many foreign investors to invest in this sector.

The basic function of telecommunication is to connect people through voice transfer and via Internet. Other than this basic function, telecommunication is coming up with new services to provide their clients with some unique and innovative services which will create value to their services. Telecommunication industry is providing various solutions in our everyday life which is making our life more easy and smooth. Connecting to people all over the world is so much easy and economic than before.

Mobile phone is becoming a very common measure of communication in our country. The number of mobile user is increasing day by day. Currently there are 115 million mobile subscribers all over Bangladesh. It is a very attractive market for the mobile connection providers. Presently there are six companies in the market. Each of them is trying to maintain and increase their market share. Among them Robi Axiata Limited is one of the leading companies in this sector.

Basic Information about Robi Axiata Limited:

Robi, the most dynamic and rapidly-growing telecommunications operator in Bangladesh, is developing its services to meet increasing customer needs – ranging from voice and high speed Internet services to tailor-made telecommunications solutions. Robi is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad of Malaysia (91.59%) and NTT DoCoMo Inc. of Japan (8.41%).

It commenced operation in 1997 as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh) with the brand name „Aktel‟. In 2010 the company was rebranded to „Robi‟ and the company changed its name to Robi Axiata Limited. Robi Axiata ltd. is a speedy emergent mobile telecommunication. The basic function of telecommunication is to connect people through voice transfer and via Internet. Apart from this basic function, telecommunication has already started introducing some diversified areas with the help of its mobile network.

Mobile technology is presently providing various cheap solutions in people’s daily life. The traditional thinking of connecting people through mobile phone is far behind in comparison with the present scenario. Information technology enables telecom companies to provide economic solutions with a very cheap and easily available access, which was earlier costly and not accessible to some extent.

The company has the widest International Roaming coverage in Bangladesh connecting 600 operators across more than 200 countries. Robi’s customer centric solution includes value added services (VAS), quality customer care, digital network security and flexible tariffs. Robi draws from the international expertise of Axiata and NTT DoCoMo Inc. Services support 2G and 3.5G voice, CAMEL Phase II & III and 3.5G Data/GPRS/EDGE service with high speed internet connectivity. Its GSM service is based on a robust network architecture and cutting edge technology.

Since its inception in 1996, Axiata Group and its predecessor Telekom Malaysia has invested around BDT 1100 billion in the form of equity till 2012. Moreover the company has contributed almost BDT 1000 billion to the Bangladesh Exchequer in the same period.

As a subsidiary of Axiata Berhad Malaysia , Robi draws on leading edge technology to provide its service in Bangladesh, covering almost 100% of the population, Robi is committed to provide best data and voice quality and will continue to ensure that its customers are able to enjoy the best experience through leading edge technology and innovative products and services.

Objective of the Company

Robi Axiata Limited started its commercial operations as a GSM cellular phone operator with the objective of offering state-of-the-art and modern telecommunication services to the people of Bangladesh at competitive prices.

Vision, Mission & Theme of Robi:

  • Vision: “To be the leader of telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh.”
  • Mission: ROBI aims to achieve its vision through being number “one” not only in terms of market share, but also by being an employer of choice with up-to-date knowledge and products geared to address the ever changing needs of the budding nation.
  • Theme: ROBI extends its services to its customers and subscribers with the theme of spreading its power to every individual and empowering them with their own strength.


Bangladesh, Citycell, was introduced in the early 90‟s, the device did not become so pervasive until 1997, the year when the largest telecom of the country, GrameenPhone(GP) hit the market with its GSM technology. Since then the industry grew at such an incredible rate in just a decade that anyone could hardly imagine. Now, there are a number of players battling so hard for their respective market share and the consumers as well as the economy are benefitted tremendously from this fierce competition.

The mobile phone operators serving the Bangladeshi population include:

  • Banglalink (Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E)
  • GrameenPhone (Telenor & Grameen Telecom Corporation)
  • Robi Axiata Limited (Axiata Group Berhad & NTT DoCoMo INC)
  • Citycell (Singtel, Pacific Group and Far East Telecom)
  • Airtel (Bharti Airtel & Warid Telecom International)
  • Teletalk (BTCL)

The Shareholders:

Robi Axiata Limited is a Joint Venture company between Axiata Group Berhad and NTT DOCOMO INC. Brief description of them-

Axiata Group Berhad:

Axiata Group is an emerging leader in Asian telecommunications. They also run their operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia. In addition, the Malaysian company also has strategic mobile and non-mobile telecommunications operations and investments in India, Singapore, Iran, Pakistan and Thailand. Axiata Group Berhad is a listed company on Malaysia’s stock exchange (Bursa Malaysia). They have approximately 120 million mobile subscribers in Asia, including their subsidiaries and associates.


NTT DOCOMO INC. is the world’s leading mobile communications company and the largest mobile communications company in Japan. DOCOMO serves over 53 million customers, including 44 million people subscribing to FOMA™, launched as the world’s first 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA in 2001. DOCOMO also offers a wide variety of leading edge mobile multimedia services, including I-mode™, the world’s most popular mobile email/Internet service, used by 48 million people. With the addition of credit-card and other ewallet functions, DOCOMO mobile phones have become highly versatile tools for daily life. With cutting edge technology and innovative services, DOCOMO is fast becoming a preferred lifestyle choice, continuously expanding its role in its users‟ lives, growing globally throughout Asia, Europe and North America. NTT DOCOMO INC is listed on the Tokyo (9437), London (NDCM) and New York (DCM) stock exchanges.

Where Axiata Group Behad holds 91.59% share and NTT DOCOMO INC. holds 8.41% share.

Brand Elements of ROBI Axiata Limited:

To establish the new brand, Robi is using new and unique brand name along with other brand elements. The elements are:

Logo: Their new logo can be called as the heart of their new brand. It is a symbol of balance, movement and change.

Brand Alpona: The Alpona is one the most creative expressions of Bengali graphic arts. Robe’s Alpona motif is uniquely created, especially for them.

Operator Number: 018……………

Divisions of ROBI Axiata Limited:

There are several divisions in Robi. They are:

Human Resources Division

Finance Division

Technology Division

Market Operation Division

Corporate Strategy Division

Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

EPMO- Enterprise Project Management Office

Digital Services

Internal Audit

Offices in Dhaka:

Head Office, other offices and Customer Care centers are situated in Dhaka.

Offices in Chittagong

There are corporate offices and Customer Care Centers in Chittagong.

Other Regional Offices:

There are Customer Care Centre’s situated in Bogra, Khulna, Sylhet, Comilla, Cox’s Bazar, Feni, Rajshahi and Barisal. Moreover, Regional Technical Offices are in Khulna, Sylhet, Bogra and Cox’s bazaar.

Products and Services

Robi offers an array of different packages. Robi has got the widest International Roaming coverage among all the operators in Bangladesh. Robi mainly offer two types of product based on the subscription category for general subscribers:

  • Pre-paid
  • Post-paid

Pre-paid package:

  • Robi Prepaid has everything to offer; a single package that delivers simplicity and flexibility at the same time.
  • Robi Prepaid is continuously adding new features and plans to provide absolute freedom to the customers.
  • Robi has the single prepaid package with the best rates in the market.
  • Moreover, there are different tariff plans in one package to meet different types of needs of customers.
  • There are instant, easy & multiple migration facility from one tariff plan to another.
  • There is full BTCL connectivity with FREE BTCL incoming.
  • There is extended and simplified refill validity for ease and freedom.
  • Newly introduced Emergency Balance Facilities is also available where the subscriber’s can avail emergency balance in credit which will be deducted later from the next recharge.
  • Highest 7 FnF numbers Facility and Priyo number Facility (Super FnF) available.
  • There is nationwide EasyLoad facility with high speed internet connectivity.
  • All available Value Added Services (e.g. SMS, MMS, internet, GoonGoon, ringtone, wallpaper, games, and animation download) are also available in the service.

Post-paid package:

Robi offers few lucrative Post-paid Packages named Simple plans, Normal plans, and Robi corporate for corporate clients only. Robe’s post-paid product comes with various packages. Robi Push mail is a secure and reliable e-mail solution at an affordable price. Now customers can work as if at their desktop from anywhere. Customers can know their bill information through Web Bill, E-Bill, SMS, USSD and Customer Care Center.

Other Packages

Robe’s other packages includes—

  • Robi Corporate
  • International Roaming
  • Current Promotions
  • International Calling Charges
  • RobiKothabarta

Value Added Services

Value added services can be called as the cherry on the top for the company as they are really adding values to their services. In today’s telecommunication market, it’s very much competitive, so the company needs to come up with new and unique ideas to create their competitive edge, Value added services is one of the major tool used by the companies to gain the competitive edge. The enhancement a company gives its product or service before offering the product to customers. Value added is used to describe the add-on features provided by the companies to its customers that gives it

a greater sense of value. Robi offers a wide range of value added services.

This service includes-

  • SMS &messaging
  • entertainment
  • downloads
  • internet and data service
  • community and chat
  • information service
  • mobile assistance
  • education and career
  • lifestyle
  • call management etc
  • missed call alert
  • robi radio
  • BIMA life insurance
  • train tracker
  • balance transfer
  • call block
  • phone backup
  • locator

ROBI 3.5G Internet:

Robi 3.5G is the third generation of mobile communication technology that will allow customers to surf the Internet with speeds of more than three times faster than 2G technology. Robi 3.5G is the improved and much better version of 3G that offers higher mobile Internet speed of up to 21Mbps, while 3G offers mobile Internet speed of up to only 384Kbps. Nevertheless, the average download data speed available is usually in the region of 1-3 Mbps. With a 3G enabled phone/device and with a Robe’s 3.5G Technology connection, customer can make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed Internet and enjoy live streaming at never before speeds. To avail Robi 3.5G services in 3G network area customers need to dial *8444# which is free of cost. Customers also need to have 3G enabled handsets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible corporate, Robi has highest number of CSR initiatives comparing to other competitors. Some of the CSR Activities are listed below:

Water Treatment Plant

Safe drinking water facility for railway passengers at different divisional railway stations set up by Robi Axiata Limited

Robir Alo Electricity is an essential need for living but many people in Bangladesh do not have any access to it. There are still many villages without any supply of electricity thus denying the villagers there the opportunity to lead a better life.

English in Schools (EIS)

Robi is reaching 1000 schools, 64 districts, 7 million students, and 10,000 teachers.

Basic Computer Training

Robi Axiata Limited has initiated a training program on Basic Computer Knowledge for the students of 72 colleges in 64 districts where Robi has already implemented Computer Corners to increase IT literacy among the students of rural and semi-urban areas.

Internet Corner:

Under this campaign Robi with the support of Department of Public Libraries has established internet corners at all seven divisional public libraries with the objective of giving opportunity to all to know the benefits of internet.

Responsibilities as an Intern in ROBI Axiata Ltd:

Internships provide real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.

Interns have to complete the assigned responsibilities during the period of internship. As an intern, I also had some key tasks given by my supervisor. Details are given below:

Channel Operation is one of the Units of Sales and services departments in Market Operation

Division. This is the Unit I was involved with. The main task of this unit is maintaining the sales and services to the consumers around the 12 regions of Robi all over the country. These regions are divided into some areas. Total numbers of 90 areas are in these regions. Area Manager is the highest position in an area. He is the only responsible person for any kind of activity in an area. This department maintains the consumer based rules and regulations, all kind of promotional activity in each trade point. It insures poster, banners, festoons and all kind of POSM (Point of Sales Materials).

It also maintains All SIM POS and RV POS. SIM POS refer the Point of Sales where SIM and Easyload both are sold and RV POS refers the point of Sales where only Easyload is sold.

Some key responsibilities of this department are given below:

  • Consumer Sales and Services managing regional operation across the nation.
  • Consumer Channel development and operations (distribution, logistics, new channel development and audits).
  • Consumer sales Compliance and training.
  • Trade community relations (consumer, retailer, dealer, distributor meets, and community events).
  • Consumer Walk in Centers.
  • Consumer Contact Center (Inbound, Outbound, Channel support, Web & traditional contacts).
  • High level targets like revenue

Consumer Sales and Service Department is divided into five units. These units deal with managing regional activities, developing and operating consumer channel throughout the country, providing compliance facilities and training, executing elaborated trade marketing activities, maintaining community relations and managing walk in centers and so on. These units are:

  • Channel Operation
  • Compliance & Training
  • Trade Marketing
  • Community Relations
  • Walk in Center


Easyload is an automated system which makes existing operational capacity double. It means Easyload can make an efficient work force. They didn’t tell me much about the entire process, probably it will launch in next year. By this system consumer, customer and organizer all will be benefitted because this system is coming with new features. Two most important and noticeable features are Private Recharge and Automated Compile.

Private Recharge:

Here consumer will get highest benefit because they can recharge their numbers by not showing that to retailers. In this system consumer will send a SMS to a given number regarding recharge. System will send a code to consumer and consumer need to show only the code to retailer and then retailer send the code to the system with the recharge amount and the account will be refilled. This is how retailer will be able to send the money without knowing the number to consumer’s mobile account. Consumer need not to send SMS in every recharge, only when he/she wants to change the code. The Code will represent the number, if consumer wants; they can stay with even one code. It basically depends on customers need. Especially it designs for women because they sometimes feel trouble and afraid of number spread.

Automated Compile:

This concludes two characteristics and those are Target based & Regional Input Target Based mainly deals with setting a target (given by organization) by system and customer will fulfill it and according to the target the commission will be sated in system. If distributor fulfills the target, automatically he/she will get commission via System.

Regional Input

Another thing is regional input which I did most the time is to divide numbers based on geographical area. I need to input every retailer in each region individually. It sounds very easy but honestly my task was very time consuming, monotonous and inefficient because, at first I entered 75000 Easyload numbers according to retailer’s RSP code in a SIM POS Database. After that, I inputted those Easyload numbers in the Easyload system according to the region. Sequence of my

Easyload inputs are given below:

  1. First of all I logged in the Easyload website (2), and went in channel user and then suspend user hierarchy.
  2. The page came with some boxes. Mobile number, Login Id, Geographical domain, Domain, owner, parent category, parent user, and user category and user selection mode were the boxes title.
  3. From all those boxes I used to access only in mobile number which means Easyload number and geographical domain. I put the individual retailer number which I entered in the database and select the region of that number.
  4. I pressed enter and that Easyload number entered for that specific region.

Robi has 12 regions and from all of them I entered five regional numbers and those are Dhaka metro, Chittagong rural, Comilla, Barisal and Noakhali.

Revenue Shit prepare and Summary:

I had to prepare a revenue shit in Microsoft Excel where I downloaded daily revenue from different regions in details, add those together and made a summery. Usually, I downloaded 46, 201, amount of recharge and compile all the regions‟ report. From this work I have learnt that they tress which Easyload number recharge which amount for how many times?

Presentation Slide making: I had to make slides on a Ghachang Flat rate campaign. The presentation was given by Shaklee Norman who was my supervisor. The slides contained some effective issue of this campaign like perception of the target consumer, its competitive advantage, how it will create advantages to distributors.

Mapping in C2S Transfer summary: Here I had to make summary on distributors uploaded files. Every region will be checked in terms of Easyload and revenue status in weekly and monthly basis. This is a kind of tricky job because if I miss any data, it will not match with total revenue. So I had to be very careful when I did that.

Check the Tracker System: Tracker machine will be started soon to know employees movement. It’s a system where by this unit General Manager will get to know the employee’s activity under him not only in the corporate brunch but also in the whole country. My task was to follow their command. Whenever they went information about any employee, I needed to find him/her and inform them. My work was to give trail whether this system really works or need correction.

Other Additional Activities: Without those activate which I mentioned earlier, I did some minor jobs. In this country every intern does these jobs more or less.

  1. Photocopy , print and scan important documents
  2. Give phone call to distributer for informing new facilities and to employee of all over the country to pay the phone bill which they used as extra.
  3. Give emails to the clients, vendors, and employees.
  4. Verify and assemble institution agreement papers sent from 12 regions
  5. Verify the Scratch Card documents sent by RSPs (Robi Sheba Point) throughout the country as a part of the process of Direct Commission Disbursement through Easy load.

Critical Observation

In this part I will give details about what was my observation during my internship period. I divide my observation into three parts.

Observation on employee: I observe here a very interesting point and that is employees are so much cooperative. They facilitate each other in various ways. Even I got help not only from my supervisor but also other people whom I worked for. Even the tea boy has helpful manner. However, 2 or 3 people I met over there have the tendency to gossip about other colleges. That was very much embarrassing situation for me.

An additional observation is employees have the tendency to make maximum works done by the intern. For example, I was intern under channel operation manager but I also did works for every employees. Moreover they are very desperate to get interns for example total intern in the corporate brunch were around 50 but still they search for interns. This type of tendency not only my Unit but also all departments follows.

Another thing is most of them work more than working hours. Robi follows eight and half hours working time. However most of them entered office at 9.00 a.m. and went 8.00 p.m. Sometimes they work even in Saturday.

Observation on Robi:

Interns can take leave 2 days per month but if it is more than two days the salary will be cut. I think this is a very motivating system to give comfort to the employee. Robi gives free internet, and mobile bill and transportation. Robi also gives so many gifts like Panjabi, Kamiz, T-shirt, dairy, and so on frequently and occasionally its give special gifts like Mother’s Day, Women’s Day. They arrange different type of contest, Mela, Games and so on.

Moreover Robi arranged a seminar where HR introduced about Robe’s policy, rules and they said if we feel any kind of problem, we must contact them. Another thing which I found very unprofessional is the HR didn’t give the salary to the interns in time. They delayed a lot and we need to push them. However they pay employees salary on time and take a good care of them.

Robi has a Baby Care Centre where employees can come with their babies and keep them over their till the office closed. This specially designed for the women employees. In the Baby Care Centre children can study, play, eat, bath, and sleep. And there is some assigned nurse to take care of them.

Marketing Mix for Flat Rate Campaign:

Marketing mix consists of the 4ps which are product or service, place, price & promotion. There are also 3ps which are packaging, positioning and people. As products, markets, customers and needs change rapidly, Robi must continually revisit these seven Ps to make sure they are on track and achieving the maximum results possible for them in today’s marketplace.

Product or service: This campaign is totally service based since this campaign is not a SBU rather than a new operation on existing Pre-paid package. It gives service via recharging 33 TK to enjoy the service of flat rate.

Price: The price of this campaign is different because the design of the pricing is different from packages for example “Sorol” is a pre-paid package of Robi it has no pricing similarity with Flat rate campaign. Sorol offers recharge 39 TK and enjoy 18 paisa for per 10 seconds in contrast Flat rate offers recharge 33 TK and enjoy 10 paisa for per 10 seconds.

Place: Place or channel of distribution of this campaign is in all retail store of Easyload where consumer can recharge 33 taka which is the basic criteria.

Promotion: To explain about this we need to know which promotional mix is adopted by this campaign. From all the promotional mix Flat rate goes with Advertising, Direct Marketing, and interactive Marketing.


Flat rate campaign follows advertising because of few advantages those are given below:

  • Robi controls the massage which is “AJ KAR MUKHE HASI FOTABEN?”
  • It’s a cost effective way to communicate with the mass people For example, TV ads, paper & magazine ads, billboard and so on. These media cover whole customer of this campaign.
  • Though it’s a very short term campaign but because of advertising on the mass media, carries a brand Image very effectively.

Classification of Flat Rate Advertising:

Robi does basically 3 ads on this campaign. One is twin another is mother’s day and the other is on two lovers.

Consumer ads: Robi ads are made for consumers. The other offer is for consumer not for retailers.

National Ads: This ad telecast all over the country and also billboard, newspaper and magazines are national.

Print Advertising: Though Robi use billboards, newspaper and magazine as their media for advertising, they fundamentally pursue the print media.

Broadcast advertising: Along with the print advertising, Robi telecasts these ads on TV, Radio, and Internet.

Non- Product advertising: it is not product based campaign, it’s a service based one

Commercial Advertising:

Action advertising: Robi is giving the positive vive of action that make someone happy today. So it’s an action based advertising too.

Direct Marketing:

This campaign does direct marketing very infrequent. The reasons are given below:

  • Robi customer call centre calls those pre-paid users who are taking every offer Robi launched till now. By the usage of the offer, Robi select its campaign target that they are going to call for direct marketing. They basically do telemarketing.
  • Even they are giving promotional massage to the consumers. All prepaid user gets massage on this campaign.
  • The problem arise during this marketing is influencer may gives too much information to the customer. For that reason the consumer will not realize what he/ she trying to inform.

Interactive Marketing:

Basically it covers integrated market communication. Here the massages of Robi are customized to specific interests and need of customer. For example this campaign only focuses on the relationship among the people and how the close individual find smile by a call. Moreover they promote this campaign via internet also.

Consumer Learning Process:

Whenever any companies launch any product or promotional package, they need to inform or educate the consumers about it. Consumers learn about a product or promotional package through three processes. These are:

  • Cognitive Learning
  • Behavioral Learning
  • Modeling Processes

Cognitive Learning:

For the campaign of Ghachang Flat Rate Robi has adopted the cognitive learning process. If we notice the advertisements of this package, we can see that they have cultured their consumers by giving the information in the advertisements. For example, Robi has covered the advertisements with the full information about the package. What is the call rate, how they can adopt it, why they need to adopt it, how they can be benefited, all these information they have covered. The three advertisements mentioned in the report has informed the consumers that only the pre-paid consumers can enjoy this package, the customers can enjoy minimum call rate and with this call rate they can make their nearest one happier like father can bring smile on the face of his daughters, how a little talk of a son can heal the pain of a mother and how a boy can give happiness with a romantic words to his beloved .All information to know about the package is within the advertisements, so the learning process is through cognitive learning.

Behavioral Learning:

The procedure that Robi has adopted to inform its customer is informative. Their effort was to gain the attention of the consumers by making them learn directly about the package. In the mentioned promotional events of flat rate, we can see Robi has directly influenced the consumers, not through others behavior or not by making the consumers used to about the product. So that the consumer learning process that Robi has applied for the flat rate do not follow the behavioral learning.

Modeling Processes:

In many advertisements we can notice that, role model or celebrities recommend the products to the consumers by stating their views or experiences over the product. But in the promotional events of Ghachang flat rate Robi has not presented any role model to introduce their packages. It has introduced different life styles and bonding of relations so that the promotional event to educate the consumers was not through modeling process.

Identify markets with unfulfilled needs:

Robi has noticed that there is a desire in consumer’s mind that, they want to keep in touch with their nearest closest one most of the time and they want to make them happier. But as we are now in a busy life or we have to live far away from our family for many reasons, so we need to keep in touch with family and friends over phone. If the call rate is low we can always communicate with them. Robi has wanted to grab the consumers who want to get communicate with dearest one. So they give the opportunity to bring smile on others face in a low cost.

Determining market segmentation

Robi has segmented their market according to consumer’s need, age, income, education, values and social status. Below we will discuss about the strategy that Robi has followed to segment their market for Ghachang flat rate.

Geographic segmentation: Here Robi has adopted the all level of people residing inside in Bangladesh as their market for this package.

Demographic Segmentation: Robi has introduced this package to people who are above 18.This package is for every gender, people who are educated or uneducated, people from all income state, people from every occasion and social class.

Psychographic Segmentation: In this particular package Robi has grabbed attention by touching the emotion and familial values of consumers. Here they have shown that, how our value our relation with others, how it feels to make someone smile. So here Robi segmented its market to the people who wants to make people happier.

Behaviorist Segmentation: It’s a natural human behavior that people want to get more utilities with a cheaper cost so Robi has offered this package with a minimum call rate. So here they have segmented their market on people’s natural behavior.

Benefit Segmentation: By born people find happiness in others smile. So Robi has tried to grab the market to those who want to see others happier.

Selecting Market to Target:

Robi has targeted their consumers, who only use pre-paid SIM card. Most of the people here in Bangladesh are cost efficient. So they want to earn more utility in low cost. So Robi has targeted to those consumers who will be attracted to this low cost package and Robi can get more revenue by their more usage.

Positioning Through Market Strategies

By product or service attributes and benefits: For the positioning of Ghachang flat rate Robi has approached by service benefits. In this package Robi has shown how the consumers can get in touch with nearest one and bring smile on their faces by talk to them with a low call rate. Here they have shown that how the consumers can be benefited with this package.

By Price or quality: Robi has focused mainly on the price of the service in the flat rate package. Price is the main competitive advantage of this package. They have introduced how anyone can be attached with their nearest one with minimum cost anytime anywhere. They have offered lowest call rate both on net and off net by recharging 33 TK. So they have wanted to position their product by price.

By use or application: Robi has directly promoted this package to all prepaid Robi numbers by its usage and application. In the TVC and billboards Robi has showed the whole application process of this package, how anyone can get into this package. So it can be said that they has positioned flat rate package by its use or application.

Product or service user: The package shows us that how we can make our dearest one happy. The whole promotion has covered the user benefit of this service. So it can be said that Robi has focused the service user benefit.

By competition: Robi has introduced the Ghachang flat rate package to grab the attention of consumers over the competitors. They have showed that how they are offering better rate than the other competitors.

By cultural symbols: Robi has brought their thinking over bonding among father and daughters, mother and son, lover and beloved. The familial bonding what they has shown in their promotions is our culture, this bonding usually do not seem in western cultures. In Bangladesh our familial bonding is very strong and here they have shown this. So there try was to position the package by defining our cultural symbol.

SWOT Analysis of the Flat Rate Campaign:


  • This campaign has a very remarkable competitive advantage.
  • No need to change any package because useful for all pre-paid package.
  • There is no registration system for this offer. So that little bit easy system.


  • It’s a recharged based offer. Consumer need to recharge.
  • There is no bonus facility rather than low call rate.
  • There is a condition in usage of the recharged amount.


  • The involvements of the existing consumers are higher than previous.
  • Concepts of the promotion are very touchy and also hold a positive massage.


Competitors are coming with the campaign which offers not only low call rate but also free internet and free SMS. Moreover they are giving free minutes.

Recommendation for Robi Future Action:

There are some recommendations I found as I make this report on Flat rate. The points which I am mentioning here it’s totally based on my understanding. These are:

  • Robi always focus on their service quality not in to the price of service. That is why Banglalink and
  • Airtel mostly take hold of the price conscious consumers. So they should give more importance to those consumers whom are price aware.
  • Before entering into the market with new product or new feature, Robi need to do proper analysis.
  • Because in Ghachang Flat rate campaign they faced much challenges from their competitors‟ offers.
  • Moreover in the Flat rate campaign they did ads on only three concepts, one is love between father with daughter (twin) another is love between mother and son and the other is love between lovers.
  • To make this campaign more successful Robi should make more ads on different concept. For example, they can make ads on love among the friends, respects to the teachers or even to a known individual by wishing on his/ her special day.
  • Furthermore: They did not use any kind of publicity or sales promotion for this campaign. They could use contest on this campaign.
  • They did not give the twin and the lovers‟ ads in the print media. They just focused on the mother’s ads. However they should give the all their ads in the billboards.

Concluding Remarks:

It has been a great experience for me to Get an opportunity to complete internship at Robi which is one of the largest telecommunication companies of Bangladesh. It was a great honor for me to work in such a professional company where everything is so organized and wonderful. The corporate culture that I learned from Robi Axiata Ltd. is a thing to be mentioned especially and adapting to it was a big challenge in such an early stage of my career. Textual learning’s form university courses were helpful, but the things learnt from real life work experience have indeed been a privilege. To work in such a big organization was a pressure itself and adapting to this pressure was also a new experience. After completion of my work tenure as an intern, I feel blessed to have learned so many things in such a short span of time. New learning’s and helpful attitude of colleagues is a thing to be remembered for a long time. I certainly believe this experience of working in Robi will help me in professional life and also work as an added advantage for the years to come.