Advantages of vertical communication

Advantages of vertical communication

Without communicating with superior and subordinate, no organization runs a single day. Vertical communication occurs when information flows in a vertical direction up to down and down to up within an organization. Communication between the upper level and the lower level employee is very much essential for an organization. Thus, upward and downward communication together makes vertical communication. Communication at various levels of an organization is possible through vertical communication.

Some advantages of the vertical communication system are as follows:

  • Conveying a message of subordinate

Through a vertical communication system, the upper-level management coveys their suggestions, complaints, and recommendations to the subordinates.

  • Maintains good labor-management relations

This communication brings all the people working at various levels of an organization within the scope of communication. There is a systematic flow of information under his communication system, so a good relationship can be developed between superiors and subordinates.

  • Maintains organizational discipline

There is a chain of command in a vertical communication system. It also helps in communicating and implementing orders, instructions, and advice of superiors. So, a sense of discipline may be developed among the employees.

  • Explaining policies and plan

This communication is the means of informing the organization’s goals, plans, programs, policies, etc. to subordinates. Through a vertical communication system, upper-level management can send the policies and procedures to the subordinates.

  • Effective decision making

Superiors needed various information to take decisions making in the organization. With the help of vertical communications, superiors collect information from subordinates.

  • Help in decentralizations

Duties and responsibilities can be delegated among departments through vertical communication.

  • Avoid by-passing:

Under this communication system superior and subordinates exchange messages directly. So there is no chance of by-passing.

  • Maintains chain of command

An established chain of command can be easily maintained through vertical communication. A proper chain of commands is easily maintained through the vertical communication system.

  • Assigning jobs and evaluating performance

Vertical communication facilitates job assignment and job evaluation of the employees.

It helps in finding out whether everything is going according to plan or not because it is not one-way communication and the fact that it is two-way communication ensures that any loophole in the implementation of top management policies can be communicated to top management by lower management which in turn will ensure proper and timely execution of top management plans.


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