A Tesla Car Just Helped Police Capture A Suspect in A String of Hate Crimes

A Tesla Car Just Helped Police Capture A Suspect in A String of Hate Crimes

Teslas featured in a “sentry mode”. If left unattended and unattended, the car will use its external camera to detect threats. If a minor “threat” detected, such as someone leaning over a Tesla, the car will display a warning that the camera is recording to intercept any potential thief.

If a bigger threat detected, the cameras will start recording and the car will start playing music at top volume to alert the local and inform their owner via his phone. Gizmodo said the features came into play when Martin Luther King, Jr., of Springfield, Massachusetts, tried to arrest a suspect in a hate crime case conducted at the Community Presbyterian Church. Fires broke out in various parts of the church in December 2020, with several tire slashes in the vicinity. On Dec. 28, the FBI wrote in an affidavit that the fire “originally destroyed the building.”

Authorities eventually apprehended a suspect after footage of Dushko Vulchev, a 44-year-old Maine resident, found in a Tesla parked near the church at the time. “Based on my training and experience and this investigation, I know that the Tesla described above is equipped with cameras at various points on the body. ATF Special Agent Mark Maurino and I have reviewed video footage from Tesla Can be identified as Vulchev, “the FBI wrote in the affidavit,” Vulchev’s appearance is clearly visible in the video.”

Pastor and Martin Luther King Jr. Almost all congressional representatives in the community Presbyterian Church were black, as were the victims of this spire. Further investigations into Vulchev’s life have revealed that he often used the term n to describe “racial discrimination against non-whites and Muslims” as well as black people. Several racist messages also sent from his account using racial slurs. Tesla has charged with four counts of damaging the religious property involved in the fire and one count of fire for a federal offense, after evidence from sentry Mode’s camera linked him to the damage.

He will appear in court later. If more and more vehicles are fitted with this national technology, it will probably not be the last case where a car helps solve a crime.