A Show Performed on Stage

A Show Performed on Stage

A Show Performed on Stage

When I was 15 years old, I went to attend a religious function in my neighborhood. On the weekend before Christmas, a large shopping complex in my town organized a show for disabled and underprivileged children. Over there we had to take part in some of the other events going on there. The joy of live performance is that it only lives in the moment.

You will also be making road safety policies more effective. Disabled and underprivileged children from several homes in town were ferried to the complex where they were seated in chairs in front of the stage that was decorated for the occasion. Also present were some local dignitaries, parents, and members of the public. Most live performances are a one-time event.

At 8:30 p., the concert kicked off with a rousing dance routine by members of a dancing school. These young dancers danced and pranced with such skills and coordination that left the audience wanting for more. At the end of the dance, the thunderous applause from the audience showed how much they appreciated the performance.

Next were songs by some local singes and members of church groups. they performed remarkably well and got the audience, especially the young children, to sing along with them. The spirit of Christmas was well and alive a the show. All the actors played their roles distinctively while making their characters believable by assimilating their voices, costumes, and actions to look very much like real students and staff as portrayed in the play.

Self-consciousness, self-doubt, hesitation, and fear of rejection are common feelings for beginning performers. One by one, the children were ushered onto the stage where they received a gift each from Santa. Two of the children were in wheelchairs but that did not deter them from joining in the fun and joy. As there were many gifts, Santa also invited young members of the public to go on stage to receive the gifts. Soon all the gifts were distributed.

Stage presentation is always fun, as you will be showcasing your talent in front of the audience who are there to listen to you. Finally, all the performers’ cam on stage to sing “Silent Night”. Many members of the public sang along as well. It was a short but meaningful show. For the disabled and underprivileged children, it was indeed a happy occasion.


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