A Father’s Day Dream

A Father’s Day Dream

A Father’s Day Dream

“There are Falcons and Ravens, Cardinals and Eagles,”

Boy said to brother Bear while out biking.

“But I don’t mean birds, Bear. I mean football teams.

“And don’t forget the team called the Vikings!”

“There are Seahawks and Patriots and Packers;

“There are Bears and Panthers and Saints.

“If only I could, I would play for those teams.

“If I could, then I’d have no complaints.”

“That’s Dad’s dream,” Bear said, and Boy nodded,

And they biked along under the sun.

“If only we three could play football,

“Oh Bear, we would have so much fun!”

A friendly gray mouse bowed to them as they biked,

And said that her name was Louise.

Boy looked at Bear then, and Bear looked at him,

And Boy said, “Hey, here’s someone to tease!”

“Don’t tease me, Boy,” Louise said boldly,

“For I have appeared to help you.

“Today’s Father’s Day, but you lack a gift,

“And you probably don’t have a clue!”

“Well, yeah, we were going out searching,” Bear said.

“To find something special for Dad.

“And we had been thinking, we thought we might buy

“A really nice tie — perhaps plaid!”

“Or a good little book, or a trout from a brook.

“Or a pair of big, comfortable slippers.

“Or spicy cologne, or brand-new car phone,

“Or a pair of shiny bright flippers.”

Bear said, “If rich, I would buy him a ship

“And we’d sail the Pacific Rim.

“I’d bake him a cake, or go fish on a lake,

“But I’m not sure just what to get him.”

“Well, I know,” Louise said, and marched straight ahead,

Right down the long road from their house.

Boy and Bear followed her, shaking their heads,

For they never had followed a mouse!

Turning the corner, they stopped and they stared,

They could hardly believe their own eyes.

They weren’t in the same place at all anymore.

“Is this a place you recognize?”

Louise grinned and Boy said, “I don’t really know.”

Louise simply laughed and said, “You see?

“I told you I could do a grand thing for you,

“If only you were nice to me.”

“So here we are, folks. In Miami!

“A city you’ve heard all about.

“And better than that! Here’s a big surprise.

“It’s here that I work as a scout!

“For the Dolphins, Miami’s most marvelous team,

“With a coach whom I’ve known for many years.

“Come along, my fine folks, and you’ll see it’s no joke,

“You’ll see this is all it appears!”

And there was the football coach and his whole team

And there was a stadium filled with fans.

Boy gasped, and Bear said, “How did we get here?

“This wasn’t a part of our plans.”

“It was your dad’s wish,” Louise said gaily.

“You said this was your father’s dream.”

And that’s when they saw their dear dad on the field

Playing quarterback for the whole team!

Dad tossed a ball that was caught by a Dolphin

Who raced down the field, oh so fast.

Bear rubbed his brown eyes that were wide with surprise,

And Boy clapped and said, “Oh, what a blast!”

Then Dad saw those two and called, “Hey, guys, thanks!

“Thank you for fulfilling my dream.

“The coach said that this was a gift from you two,

“This chance to play on a real team!”

Louise disappeared then, and Bear turned to Boy,

And Boy said, “I’m sure that we’re dreaming.”

But Dad hugged them both and excitedly said,

“I’ll bet this took some real scheming.”

Boy and Bear nodded and turned to their dad

And they said, “We just hoped to show you,

“We love you, and all that we ever have wished

“Is that all of your dreams may come true.”