A Disabled Person

A Disabled Person

A Disabled Person

“Disability” is a word often used in daily conversations and holds different meanings for different people. The concept of disability is complex, and there are historical, social, legal and philosophical influences on its interpretation. here I’m going to tell the story of a Disabled Person.

The sun was setting as Samuel sat in his car near the railway station. He was waiting to pick up his nephew from the station. As he had found a place to park and the air had cooled down, he decided against getting out fo the car. His nephew knew where to find him.

The road that passed by the railway station was a busy one but there was a single lights-operated crossing that periodically turned green for about ten seconds for the pedestrians. Presently Samuel saw a blind man walking very slowly on the other side of the road. There was no one else on the other side. On reaching the traffic lights, the blind man stopped. It appeared that he wanted to cross. Samuel was curious to see how a blind man managed a crossing like this.

The lights turned green for the pedestrian and the vehicles stopped, but the blind man did not move. Ten seconds passed and the vehicles sped off again. Three times in a row the lights turned green for the blind man to cross but he did not. Obviously he was not going to make it on his own.

Samuel got out of his car and crossed over to the other side of the road at the next change of lights. He asked the blind man whether he wanted to cross the road. The blind man nodded. So when the lights changed again, Samuel quickly helped the man cross the road. It took more than ten seconds but the waiting vehicles did not move until the duo had crossed safely.

Once across, Samuel asked the blind man where he wanted to go. The man said he wanted to go to the canteen. Canteen? He must mean the canteen at the railway station. So Samuel took the man by the hand and led him to the canteen. On the way, he met his nephew Tony. On seeing his uncle with the blind man, Tony offered to take over the task of leading the blind man.

At the canteen, the proprietor came out and took over. The blind man was one of his relatives. He thanked the helpful duo and led the blind man inside. Having done what they could, Samuel and Tony headed towards their car. They were glad they could see. Being blind was certainly a big handicap.


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