A Birthday Party

A Birthday Party

A Birthday Party that you enjoyed.

(Name – ABC) is my neighbor/friend. S/he turned twelve recently and his/her parents held a birthday party for him/her. I was one of those invited. All my friends and near relatives were invited for the occasion.

The party began at about three in the afternoon. There were about twenty of us children (number of invitees) gathered in (friends name)’s house. We were all dressed in our best clothes. Everyone, especially (birthday boy/girl name), wore a happy smile. It was a day full of excitement, joy, and expectations. The drawing-room was tastefully decorated with flowers balloons and colorful paper buntings.

We gave our presents to (birthday boy/girl name) and s/he happily opened them. It must really be exciting to receive all those presents.

After that (birthday boy/girl name)’s mother served us soft drinks and delicious tidbits. We then played some games like “Musical Chairs” and “Treasure Hunt”. The winners were given prizes.

At about four-thirty, Fiona’s mother brought out the birthday cake. It was beautifully decorated with pink and white icing. Twelve colorful candles sat in the middle of the cake. It was a large and beautiful chocolate cake. We all sang “Happy Birthday” to Fiona after which she blew out the candles and cut the cake. We clapped out hands eagerly. There was much fun, merry-making, laughter, and jokes. Children were given toffees and chocolates. As a return gift, every person was given a set of books.

We helped ourselves to slices of the delicious cake. Then we continued our games. Every guest was given a piece of cake, sweets, namkeen, cold drinks, ice-cream, etc.

Finally, at about six in the evening, the party came to an end. We were all tired but happy. At around 6:30 pm, we all decided to leave. We thanked my friend and his parents for a wonderful birthday party and went back home, all contented and glad. The parents of the other children came to collect them. I helped Fiona and her mother clean up the mess we made. After that, I walked home which was only two doors away.